Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jersey Shore Endores The Guido Gator Life

I can't believe The Situation would ruin his abs and pecs like that!

Our good friend Alex recently had the opportunity to be the primary photographer on a photo shoot with the cast of Jersey Shore. To his shock and horror, the guido gang has fully embraced the Florida gator lifestyle (how do people live like that)?

This is an just another example of the Florida fan bases' continued flirtation with guidos (we've discussed this here before). Here's some other pics we were able to get, including this one from the guidette JWoww, who would be lovely if it wasn't for all of that gator bullshit:
Even Tebow wants a piece of that guido!

C'mon Ronnie! That shirts ruining some good shots of those guns!

Vinny behind the scenes with his souvenir garbage.

Gators eat sammiches!


Anonymous said...

This site is being ruined every year by Hate Week. The fact you guys have to post such tasteless commentary of Florida is not a knock against you guys, but a testament to the lack of civility and decency of Florida fans and the fact anything published about them is automatic sleeze. Case in poiint, the cast of the Jersey Shore thinks Florida is a second home.


alex gibbs said...