Monday, March 15, 2010

What's on My Mind - March15th

Let the Madness begin! The NCAA tournament kicks off this week's list of things that I'm thinking about.

- Bracket busting - My final four: Kansas, Kansas State, Duke, West Virginia. Yes, two teams from Kansas and no Kentucky. I'm going with the rest of the country on this one, my national championship pick is Kansas.

- The Bulldogs got screwed - The Mississippi State Bulldogs that is. 23 wins and .5 seconds away from an SEC tournament championship and somehow they get left out. Most people say they should have won more games or beat Kentucky, but based on that logic they should definitely be in over Florida. Florida only had 20 wins and lost to Mississippi State in the SEC tournament. How that gives them a better resume than MSU is beyond me.

- Spring practice kicks back off again. Why the hell did they have two days of practice and then go on Spring Break? Consider that some of the players (hmm, hmm, Mettenberger) spent their spring break boozing it up, what did they really learn in those two days before the break.

- The QB competition will once again be the focus. With Mett out of the race, Murray and Gray will duke it out the next few weeks. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Murray will win the job.

- G -Day is just a few weeks away. The Masters is great and all, but I'll be in Athens. I can watch golf on Sunday.

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