Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Wonderlickin' - Bradford as smart as Stafford, Tebow...not so much

Matt Stafford and Sam Bradford share a lot of things in common:
- Stafford was the top quarterback in his draft class and was drafted # 1 overall. Sam Bradford is the top rated quarterback in this year's class and has a good chance of being drafted # 1 overall by the Rams.
- Both Stafford and Bradford suffered shoulder injuries during the 2009 season and ended the season on the injured list.
- Both are considered ideal NFL quarterback size and have strong right arms.
Another similarity between these two was discovered today with the release of the Wonderlic test scores from the 2010 scouting combine. Last year, Stafford scored an impressive 38 on the test that is supposed to test learning aptitude. Bradford finds himself atop the 2010 QB class with a score of 36, far outdistancing fellow potential NFLers Colt McCoy (25) and Jimmy Clausen (23). And what of the Golden Boy of this year's draft, Tim Tebow? Timmy finished at the bottom with a score of 22. That's very similar to another athletic left handed quarterback who struggled to make the change from a running QB in college to a passer in the NFL:

Vick scored a 20 on his Wonderlic.

At least the team won't have to worry about Tebow running an illegal dog fighting ring.


BulldogBry said...

or will they? Hmmmmmmmm.

Will said...

For the record, word down in Jacksonville (Tebow's hometown), he only scored an 800 on his SAT as well.

MT said...

You would think that an Notre Dame QB might bring a little more brains to the gunfight...

But afterall, he is a Clausen