Thursday, October 23, 2008

Wreck Tech...Wait!?!

An age old rivalry is renewed tonight when "Every Georgia Kid's Fall Back School Since 1856" meets those pesky nerds from the "North Avenue Trade School." That's right, its Auburn versus Georgia Tech tonight. These two have a long standing rivalry that dates back to their days in the SEC together. Auburn students have prepared all week long as they reintegrated their famous "Wreck Tech" week. say Auburn's not playing Tech!?!

I'm sorry, I just assumed that since Auburn was playing on Thursday night that the opponent was Tech. I was preparing myself for ESPN's soliloquy on the Atlanta skyline and how beautiful it looks on Thursday nights from an empty stadium.....Look Pa! You can see the Coke building!

Alas, lets burn some couches instead!!!!!!

As the rest of the BNE crew heads through Mobile on their way to New Orleans today, we would like to remind everyone that West By God Virginia QB Pat White hails from Daphne, Alabama, very close to Mobile. Auburn and Alabama didn't want him as a QB (because he's not one). And we all know how college football players play against their home state teams. Auburn should know very well as it usually specializes in this against Georgia (insert lower Alabama drawl here: 'em Dawgs didn't want you, son. You ain't good enough for 'em Dawgs). Correct: Georgia didn't recruit you because you weren't good enough. I'm sorry that you're from Macon and grew up a Dawgs fan your entire life. There's always Auburn for you. They produce some fine cow pastures.

Now, the shoe is on the other foot...

Auburn wishes it were THIS Pat White. Although, I think the Barn might want to tryout the lady on the right for its QB position. She probably incessantly spells her first name with an "i" too...Right, Kodi....

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