Friday, October 24, 2008

TOUR de Gulf Coast 2008

Our good friend C-Matt and I will be embarking on THE road trip of road trips, especially if you're a Dawg.

We will be traveling to New Orleans and Baton Rouge this weekend. Come Sunday, we will not be heading back to the ATL. Nope, we will stay in NOLA until Monday and then we're going straight down I-10 to Floriduh! We will be hopping around different places on our slash and burn campaign of America's worst state, and finally arrive in Jaaksawnville on Thursday.

We will be chased by rabid cajuns, probably kill some gators in some swamps, and hopefully not be chased out of Tallahassee faster than Ted Bundy.

If you are also stupid enough to use your vacation on the Tour de Gulf Coast 2008, then we'll see ya on I-10.


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