Friday, October 24, 2008

SEC Weekend Games of Interest: 10/25/2008

Kentucky-Florida: The Daves will be in Gainesville this weekend covering the Gators game before the WLOCP in Jax. Thank God it’s not an off week for the Gators. The pundits seem to think that the Gators will romp in this one. Florida definitely hit its stride against LSU a couple of weeks ago, but Kentucky’s not to be overlooked. Florida will handle its business in the 12:30 time slot, but I’m interested to see how the Gators do it. They will certainly be looking forward to the Cocktail Party, probably thinking of just how Trinton’s going to dance all over them again with only one good ACL.

Florida 35 Kentucky 13

Ole Miss-Arkansas: This game should be mandated viewing, but it’s not on mainstream television. Houston Nutt travels back to Fayetteville. How is that not on television? I realize the records aren’t good, but come on…

Look for Houston to bring along his new, young Mississippi television reporter to the game. She’s hotter because she’s from Oxford. Not a surprise to the Arkansas faithful, though. They’ve already read all of the text messages between the two.

The critical question: How does "crazier than a sack full of weasels" handle a weasel?

Pretty well, I say. Look for Ole Miss to dominate this game. Ole Miss is the better team and Houston will want to send Arkansas back to its SWC days. Unfortunately, after the victory, Houston will walk into the wrong locker room and mistakenly address the Razorbacks. No worries, though, because Petrino will already be gone for the 49ers job.

Ole Miss 38 Arkansas 17

Awkward post-game speech to the Razorbacks...

The Third Saturday in October: Alabama and Tennessee. The Third Saturday in October. Being played on the fourth Saturday in October. Again. I swear that I don’t remember if Alabama and Tennessee ever played on the third Saturday in October. It’s kind of like CBS not calling Georgia-Florida the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party…oh, wait a minute…

Alabama and Tennessee hate each other. Other SEC schools pretend to hate each other. Alabama fans will never forget Fulmer and Tennessee turning Alabama in to NCAA officials for rules violations. Never. Alabama wasn’t relevant for a long time because of it. Now, the Tide is back, probably complaining that a #2 ranking isn’t high enough. Tennessee, on the other hand, shot its foot off early in the season and then began working on its hand.

Tennessee seems to have found a quarterback it can rely on in Nick Stephens, though. While not the most spectacular, he doesn’t make the giant mistakes that Jonathan Crompton made. For the Tide, John Parker Wilson ripped apart the Vols last season. His confidence should be high heading into Knoxville. On paper, Alabama should roll. But, the Tide has had trouble closing teams out this year. I’ll be interested to see how Bama responds when Tennessee takes an early lead and the crowd gets into it. The Vols will be ready to play. The game will be close the entire way. In the end, take the home team in overtime. Fulmer saves his job again much to the pleasure of the rest of the SEC.

But, no need to worry for Tide fans because Alabama will beat an over-pumped LSU team in Baton Rouge. The Tide always plays well in Baton Rouge. And Alabama will hammer Auburn. Auburn might want to think about just not playing a quarterback from here on out. Look for Alabama right back in the national title hunt in the Dome, facing either the Dawgs or the Gators. The Eastern team will be alive and well in the national title hunt too.

Tennessee 23 Alabama 20 (OT)


Walter Sobchak said...

Kentucky D is stronger than you give them credit. And UF is a myth when they play a team with speed on D and good LBs and Safeties. I am not saying they win, but I think they keep it closer 23-13.

Earl said...

I understand where you're coming from Walter. Kentucky's D is definitely not your father's Kentucky D. I just thought Florida would try to prove something before the WLOCP. Unfortunately, I've just watched Florida block UK's first 2 punts. That Kentucky D is helpless when Florida starts its drive inside the 5 yard line twice. Oh well. Here's to the Wildcats bowing up and coming back...