Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Streit: The Man, The Myth.... The Married

This week marks a pivotal moment for the Georgia Bulldawgs. Yes, dawg fans and the B'NE squad will make their first trip to Baton Rouge in five years. More importantly, we are able to celebrate the impending nuptials of Streit for the only time in his life and we get to do it in New Orleans. Mark this as Bubba 'N Earl roadtrip #3 for the season.

That's Right, It's a Celebration!

As far a our blog and group of friends goes, Streit is a former Fraternity Brother to some, a former roommate to others, and a dedicated friend to all. We have no worries that he will put this same effort into a great marriage but until that faithful day in November comes, here is to you Streit.

May you break it down in NOLA hardcore:

May you get lost and end up in Mexico (I'm a personal fan of this):

May you come back from Baton Rouge/New Orleans with a UGA victory and a toy:

Most Importantly, May you have a few beers and a good time:

Posting will be light after today with Earl (unfortunately we might add) being the only person in Atlanta holding down the fort. We look forward to having Cajuns yell at us and to making some new friends with the other traveling Georgia Fans. GO DAWGS!


Streit said...

It is gonna be a helluva trip. Bullogs and Tigers and 4 Gallon Hurricanes... OH MY!

Ally said...

Congratulations Streit - many blessings to you and your bride!

Mackalicious said...

...complete and total jealousy.

Congrats Streit, but I'll have you know marriage is for fags.
(said as I celebrate my 3rd year of it).

Melissa said...

At least with those stellar dance moves highlighted in the picture I don't have to worry about any ladies trying to dance with Eric. haha.

Just kidding... have fun and just bring him back in one piece!