Thursday, October 16, 2008

BulldawgJosh and Bubba's 80's Video of the Week

As we all know, UGA takes on traditional nemesis and Eastern Division foe Vanderbilt University Saturday. With this in mind, we found it only appropriate to bring you a classic 80's jam from the legendary Commodores. While the majority of their classic hits were from the 1970's and Lionel Richie left the band in 1981, Lionel and the band were able to leave us with the smooth sound of 1981's "Lady (You Bring Me Up)".

The song states in its opening line, "Lady - you bring me up when I'm down, Maybe you're gonna change my life around." This was often the role of the Vanderbilt Commodores football team. No matter how poor a team was playing, they could get back on track and get a solid win against Vandy. Much of this has changed with the recent arrival of Bobby Johnson and the 'Dores will be a true test with their 5-1 record. However, just as the 80's video of the week is a flashback to another time, let's hope the Georgia Football team can track back to their memories of 1981 where the Dawgs beat the Commodores 53-21.

Without any further waste of time, Lionel Richie and the Commodores:

Oh, I bet the dancing soccer referee in the video knows more about football than Penn Wagers.

1 comment:

AUMaverick said...

Really, Lionel Ritchie?!

After #24 TCU upsets the ESPN darling BCS Bustin' BYU, Alabama and Texas being ranked #1 in two different polls, plus all of the other confusion going on this season, you still don't select the genius lyrics of Phil Collins' 'Land of Confusion'??!!

I know where Bubba n Earl sleep, and I may have to kidnap them for ransom if this video is not selected!