Friday, October 17, 2008

SEC Weekend Games of Interest: 10/18/2008

Last week was really kind to our picks as I went 1-3 and brought shame to the blog. The overall record is now at 34-10 and let’s hope that I can do better with only 4 games to pick again this week. I am playing catch up around the office so we are just going to give you a couple of scores, pictures, and some bad one-liners. Here is what's happening in your neck of the woods:

Ole Miss at Alabama: I hear a lot of people saying "Watch out for Ole Miss, They beat Florida". Well, they also lost to Vandy and they are going to lose to Bama and it won't be close. John Parker Wilson throws for 600 yards and plays Tarzan in a Drama Department production on Tuesday night, true story.

"ME Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson, YOu Alabam Fan"

Terrance Cody was going to have a cameo in the play but fell through the trap door and I hear he was stuck until last night. Alabama defensive line coach Bo Davis was able to wean him from powdered sugar doughnuts and he slipped right through after a 3 day fast. Seriously though, Bama wins 28-10.

Arkansas at Kentucky: Two things that you will never hear during the commentary of this football game or in the coming years:

1) "Long time Arkansas Head Football Coach, Bobby Petrino..."

"... Celebrates his 230th win and retires beloved by the Razorback Nation"

2) "Impressive All SEC Quarterback Mike Hartline..."

"... is nimble on his feet and has a Rocket Arm"

If either of these two phrases are ever uttered, I will learn the Notre Dame Fight Song and sing it in my underwear at a Purdue basketball game. Kentucky is reeling from their lack of offensive production and if there is a defense in this conference that will allow them to make some plays, Arkansas is the one. I don't know why Auburn missed the memo last week. Oh, wait, Tony Franklin was too busy going nuts and getting fired, I remember now.

Kentucky should win this game. It will be sloppy and both teams will probably combine for at least 5 turnovers. On a sadder note, WR Dicky Lions, Jr. had his football career ended when he blew out his knee this past weekend and B'NE would like to take a moment to salute him. Now that that is over, I hear that there is a factory in Glasgow, KY that actually pumps out white wide receivers that wear the number 12. The B'NE pick is UK 21, ARK 14.

Mississippi State at Tennessee: Nick Stephens was fairly impressive as a leader last week in Athens and has a much better head on his shoulders than Jonathan Crompton and the last three UT Quarterbacks. MSU is not very good and will not be able to consistently move the ball against the Volunteers. If UT does not turn the ball over and get in their own way, they win 24-6. I know that is asking a lot from the last place team in the east (ha ha), but they need to prove something to their coach and fans Saturday.

LSU at South Carolina: This game will be very interesting. South Carolina has slowly built on their 1-2 start to the season and now sits at 5-2 with the third ranked defense in the country. LSU on the other hand was thoroughly embarrassed last week in Gainesville and their impressive early season win against Auburn does not look nearly as strong.

South Carolina is going to pressure Jarrett Lee all night and Eric Norwood will be on him like Terrance Cody on powdered sugar doughnuts (before the stage incident, I think he's back to cake doughnuts now).

Savage Cake Dougnuts, a True Threat to society and Alabama's National Title Hopes

LSU will rely on the big body of RB Charles Scott and while I don't expect him to have a huge night, he should have an effective night. LSU wins a tight game decided by field position, 24-21.

That does it for this week and we will see you after Homecoming in Athens.

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