Sunday, September 21, 2008

Week 4: Impressions and Ramblings

AJ Green is scary good, enough said.

Week 4 of the 2008 college football season has passed and for once Georgia didn't lose votes in the polls. Here are my thoughts from this weekend.
Destruction in the Desert
- Now that is the Georgia Bulldogs team that was preseason #1. The defense was dominant and the offense was clicking. We made Erickson and the boys in gold look pretty bad. I was disappointed in the clear Pac-10 preference that was afforded by the referees, my god they were trying to Give ASU every break while calling nothing in our favor (they missed at least 3 blatant holds). In my Friday preview, I was pretty close on a couple of things: Margin of victory (I predicted 15 points (38-23), at least 6 catches for AJ, and big rushing numbers for Knowshon, especially in the second half). Overall, a great game.
- AJ Green is out of his mind good. There's so much I could say, but Dr. Saturday says it best.
- Knowshon continues to make amazing plays every week. Right now, I don't see any way he is not in New York at the Downtown Athletic Club in December. Another solid day from Stafford as well, as he continues to show the maturity of a third year starter.
Knowshon doing his best Touchdown Jesus pose.
- The defense is better than a lot of people think. When you only allow 4 rushing yards, you're doing something right. It took Rudy Carpenter almost 40 throws to get over 200 yards, so even the much maligned pass defense played well. Willie did a good job of utilizing the blitz this game and it really worked.

Didn't mention last week that Rennie Curran is a beast.

- Alabama is coming to Athens next week for a prime time show down on the World Wide Leader. They have announced College Game Day will finally make its return to Athens (after nearly 10 years). If Nick Saban had his game plan to shut down Knowshon and stop our offense, the emergence of AJ Green this week has totally blown those plans out of the water. John Parker Wilson only had about 100 yards passing in their win over Arkansas, but there is not way they knock off the Dawgs with a non-existent passing game. It's gonna be one hell of a match up between the hedges!

- I said after week 1 that I was impressed the Buffaloes and after they knocked off West Virginia, I see them as a dark horse contender for the Big XII North title. Missouri watch out, the balanced attack of Cody Hawkins and Rodney Stewart are coming to crush your perfect season.

Alabama and Georgia Tech Win Big
- Are Bama and the North avenue Trade School really that good, or are Arkansas and Mississippi State really that bad?

If Mississippi State can pull a Knowshon on you, are you really that good?

Florida/ Tennessee
- Tennesse is a train wreck. The failure to score multiple times from inside the 5 with their veteran offensive line is pathetic. How many Georgia fans had memories of the 2003 game in Knoxville come to mind when Crompton fumbled at the 2?
- Once again, Urban Liar has Tebow in the game with minutes left of a blow out. On a third down. Tebow rolled right and got drilled by a Vol linebacker. One of these days Urban, you're gonna get your boy hurt and you'll have no one to blame but yourself.

Wake Forest and Vandy
- Wake Forest is the best team in the ACC and Vanderbilt is ranked. What bizarro world am I in?
Since when do smart kids know how to play football?

Notre Dame
- So I was wrong. They suck.

In conclusion...
It was a great week for the Dogs and college football. There's gonna be a hell of a fight at Sanford next Saturday. Get your tickets and I'll see ya there! Go Dawgs!


alex gibbs said...

I read this morning, that not only is Gameday coming, but the DAWGS announced on that it's going to be a black-out game.

so stoked!

BFR said...

2003 in Knoxville...Clausen is still a douche and we here at BnE do not make reference to the 2004 Tennessee game. We pretend it never happened.