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SEC Weekend Games of Interest: 9/27/2008

Last week brought us back to reality as I proceeded to make stupid picks and we lost more games last than we had all year, bringing our season record to 24-5. Here are a few games happening in your neck of the woods:

Ole Miss at Florida: Last week, the fightin' Nutty Houstons got a case of turnoveritis, giving Vanderbilt their second 4-0 start in the past four years while Florida humiliated Tennessee and shut the playbook down up 17-0 in the second quarter. QB Jevan Sneed, the SEC leader in interceptions, has got to control the ball better in order for the Rebs to have a shot in this game. The only positive Ole Miss has coming into this one is that they have won 2 of the last 3 over UF, including a tough 30-24 loss last year. Of course, Eli Manning was the QB for both of those victories.

That's Right Tim Tebow, Eat Your Heart Out!

Huston Dale Nutt stated earlier this week in a press conference that he wants to play one perfect game and that Florida doesn't need the Rebel's help to win this game. He sure got that right, Florida wins this one and shuts it down early again. Look for a few first half turnovers from Ole Miss and a 35-14 win for the Gators.

Arkansas at Texas: You would think with the great history of these two programs and with the epic battles they have both fought on the gridiron that this preview would be filled with great stories, wrong. This isn't the SWC and it isn't 1969. I'm sure if Darrell Royal and Frank Broyles could come back to the sideline for one more match up they would, until that happens, we are stuck with Bobby Petrino and Mack Brown. Texas wins big, let's say 42-21. Arkansas is bad, very bad.

Tennessee at Auburn: The epic battle of the questionable Offensive Coordinator hires, loser gets fired first. It's safe to say that offensive inconsistency has caused issues for both of these teams. However Auburn, when you have the lead, at home, against a second string QB who had thrown arguably the worst pick six I have seen all year, you should be able to hold the lead. Auburn has some excuses for their poor QB play, they basically have first year guys competing for the position and personnel not suited for the spread. Tennessee on the other hand has a talented QB in his fourth program year, their soon to be all time leading rusher, and five returning starters in the O-Line, what's going on? Why are you on the verge of 1-3?

Tennessee Fans like to blame the fat man:

"Look, It's Johnny Majors coming to steal my Job back"

This is SEC football between two of the historically great teams in the conference and B'NE thinks Auburn pulls this game out, probably in the 17-10, or 20-10 range. Auburn needs to prove a point and get a sold victory after last week. Tennessee, I really don't mind if they go 1-3.

Mississippi State at LSU: Mississippi State's run to be the worst team in the conference will continue this week. It's surprising to me how inept MSU has been so far this season. I understand the offensive issues because they are not very talented at QB. After watching them play Georgia Tech, they run plays that don't fit their personnel. For example, RB Anthony Dixon is huge and has been pretty productive between the tackles in the SEC. MSU had success running the ball up the middle, even breaking a 1st quarter 71 yard run. They then proceeded to try and run the aforementioned 250 lb Dixon outside, while on the goal line, why? MSU has a talented defense and during the GT game, it became apparent that they were tired and a bit demoralized and LSU will not let up on them this weekend.

"Ohhh, It feels so good once it hits your nipples"

LSU made a very solid statement last week on the road at Auburn and maybe this Less (get it) Miles character is a better coach than I give him credit for (it pains me to say that, blah). Scratch that, see above picture. LSU will come out and ride RB Charles Scott all night long, most likely to a 41-10 victory.

UAB at South Carolina: I would like to take this opportunity to say that former UAB QB Darrell Hackney is fat:

Darrell Hackney, Too Big to be sucked into the Black Hole that is UAB Footabll

About the only thing I can say here is let the Neil Callaway/Alabama-Birmingham nose dive continue. Mike Davis is taking his one game suspension this week, so hopefully we get to see Smelley and Rank (RB Taylor Rank) in the backfield at the same time. Boy, you just can't beat that Rank, Smelley attack.

"That's Right Erin, They both Smell as Bad as they Play"

South Cackalacky pulls this one out somewhere around 28-13. In our random Pop Culture Factoid of the week, Miss America 2005 Deidre Downs is a medical student at UAB. She had the longest consecutive reign with this award at 490 days due to the Miss America pageant's inability to find a TV sponsor in 2006.

"I won Miss America and got to live in Birmingham, What a Buzz Kill!"

Western Kentucky at Kentucky: This will mark Kentucky's second Bluegrass battle of the season and I expect similar results to their first game against Louisville. WKU has been terrible against Division I-A competition this year and will struggle offensively against UK's strong Defense. This game will give Kentucky a chance to get the offense going before they begin their SEC schedule. Look for a sloppy 30-7 UK victory.

That does it for this week. B'NE plans on breaking out the Maker's Mark this week, so go and have one or two yourself because it's going to be an exciting Saturday of SEC football.

Go Dawgs!

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