Thursday, September 25, 2008

5 Questions with UncleDawg & CousinTide

5 Questions is a new series to Bubba 'N Earl. And there's no better way to begin the series than with a top 10 matchup between the Dawgs and Alabama in Athens. In a Father vs. Son format, UncleDawg and CousinTide have answered the 5 questions presented by Earl from a Georgia and Alabama perspective, respectively.

And since we show Southern hospitality at Bubba 'N Earl, we'll let our guest answer the questions...
1. Mark Richt announced that the Georgia seniors came to him on the airplane back from Tempe about wearing black jerseys for the Alabama game due to it being a night game as well as having GameDay in attendance. Georgia will do this only once per season and in the bowl game if Georgia is the home team. What were your impressions of the "blackout" of Auburn last year and this upcoming "blackout"? And there is a rumor on the message boards that Alabama fans attending the game will be wearing white. What's your impression of that?

CousinTide: The Blackout against Auburn was the greatest thing to ever happen in college football. Georgia is the most innovative and original team in the country. Since Georgia and their fans are wearing black, Alabama and their fans shouldn't even show up. For those fans that do show up, they will most likely be hitting the exits by the 2nd quarter. Hell, I may not even watch the game errr I mean, the end of Alabama Football as we know it. Wait, that has already happened post-Bear Bryant. We are the worst team in D-1A.

Blacking out one state at a time in the SEC...

UncleDawg: While the black jerseys are a special moral booster for the Dawgs, I also think it is a complement to the other team that the UGA players would think the game and opponent is important enough to wear their black jerseys. It’s a rare event. Personally, I’ve always thought of the black jerseys as a type of funeral attire for the other team’s season because they’re going to lose.

Who cares what Bama wears.

2. The Dawgs continue to juggle their offensive line. With the presence of Mt. Cody in the middle for Alabama, what kind of impact will he have on the game? And what will Loran Smith's impressions of Mt. Cody be when he comes out for pre-game warmups? And if Larry were calling the game, how would he describe Mt. Cody?

CousinTide: I'll just put it this way....Freshman Ben Jones will have at least 10 pancake blocks on Cody, especially since he'll be donning a black jersey. Cody won't make an impact at all. In fact, Alabama will get dominated up front which will allow Stafford to throw at least 5 TD passes; Moreno will run for another 4 TDs. We have the worst defense in D-1A. However, if Bear Bryant alone lined up against that Georgia O-line, it'd be a totally different story. And there's no telling what Loran Smith will say. You might as well have asked, "What is the meaning of life?" or "How long is a rainbow?" As far as Larry Munson is concerned, he'd be much better served in telling a Bear Bryant story.

How would Loran interview a hippo?

UncleDawg: The Dawgs O-line will handle him [Mt. Cody] and his only impact will be to gum up the middle from time to time. Maybe Knowshon will jump him just to prove a point.

I think Loran would say something like...
"I'm on the side line and I just walked past number 62, the Alabama linemen they call Mount Cody. He weighs in at about 400 pounds and I'm telling you he's really a big one; his Mama fed him good. He makes Uga VII look like one of those Chihuahua dogs. Back to you Scott.....”

I just hope Loran won’t ask him if he likes peanuts.

3. Julio Jones and AJ Green were the top two ranked WRs coming into college football this year as freshmen. Jones leads the Tide with 132 receiving yards. Green leads the entire SEC with 300 receiving yards. So far, both are as good as advertised. Which #8 will have a bigger impact on the game? Why?

CousinTide: Seriously, have the SAT/ACT scores dropped that low at Georgia? One has a future 1st round draft pick as a QB, the other has a Sex in the City star. Can I get a degree from Georgia now?

Alabama's QB?

UncleDawg: A.J. will obviously have the best game for the following obvious reasons:
· He has already demonstrated on the field he is the best…just look at the stats
· Moreno, King and Samuel are the better running backs and the Dawgs running game will help take some of the coverage pressure off of A.J.
· Massaquoi will also pull coverage away from A.J.
· Really, who would you rather have throwing to your receivers? Matthew Stafford or Sarah Jessica Parker? (or whatever his name is…)

4. Explain the differences/similarities between the Classic City and T-Town. Which one is better and which one is "2nd rate"? Why? (CousinTide's term for Athens in 2003)


UncleDawg: The list is long but I’ll try to be brief because it’s so obvious T-Town is inferior to Athens Town.

Athens is better because:

UGA has better looking women.
The night life is by far much better.
Athens is one of the great live music centers of the South (see B-52s, R.E.M., Widespread Panic, Indigo Girls, etc, etc, etc…)
The co-eds are prettier.
You don’t have to go through Birmingham to get to Athens.
UGA’s athletic facilities are world class and much better.
The co-ed’s Mothers are better looking.
Athens has (the new) Allen’s and the Varsity.
Athens has a double barrel canon and a tree that owns itself.
UGA doesn’t have Phyllis from Mulga.

The only similarity I can think of between the two towns:
They are both beer drinking towns with a football problem, but Athens is still much better than T-Town in both categories.

5. Our blog, Bubba 'N Earl, has poked a little fun at Alabama all year long, including a picture of the ULM billboard in each and every "SEC Games of Interest", even though Alabama isn't one of Georgia's biggest rivals year in and year out. Why do you think that is? Is it just that easy or is the conference thinking about Alabama again as one of the elite?

CousinTide: Alabama was only an elite team under Bear Bryant. Alabama should go to the ACC and keep trying to figure out how to bring the Bear back.

Gosh I miss the Bear Bryant.

Here it is again!

UncleDawg: Because Bama fans think they are ordained to win the SEC every year and most of them have never been to Tuscaloosa, much less attended school there. Everyone wants to beat a team with an inflated ego who claims more National Championships than they really have.

If the Oconee River should part Saturday and Bama finds a way to win, Nick Saban will be the football God who delivered the Tide to victory. If they lose, it will be Phil Fulmer’s fault.

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