Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Signing Day: Mid Day Report (UPDATED)

UPDATE - Crowell is a Dawg...and he has one too.

It is about to be 1:00 PM, only 30 minutes until the decision from Isaiah Crowell. As we stand right now, Georgia has signed all 23 of the players they had committed coming into today. We did miss out on Pagan and Richardson, but picked up linebacker Kent Turene.

I hope Crowell makes the decision to come to Athens, but if he doesn't we should not freak out. this is still one heck of a recruiting class and an excellent job by Coach Richt and staff. I still think Jenkins ultimately comes to Athens, and that would be the final touch on a great recruiting off season.

Coach Richt also said he expects to have a new o-line coach in place by next week.

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