Monday, January 31, 2011

Finish like Herschel!!!

(Photo Courtesy of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution)
Herschel Walker made quick work of Scott Carson on Saturday night to improve his MMA record to 2-0. Hopefully, Herschel has set the tone for the entire Bulldawg Nation for the remainder of this week. Here's what is coming up:

- It is make or break week for Georgia basketball. After two straight tough losses to Florida and Kentucky, the Dawgs face two SEC west opponents this week. Arkansas is coming off a win at Vanderbilt, so the Dawgs better be more ready than they were on Saturday. Auburn comes to town this weekend and if the Dawgs lose that one, there is not shot of making the NCAA tournament.

- But the real focus of this week is recruiting. National Signing Day is Wednesday, but the recruiting season won't officially end until Saturday when John Jenkins makes his decision. At this point, I am pretty confident that Georgia's gets Crowell and Pagan on Wednesday. Richardson and Turene would be nice as well. But getting Jenkins to fill the hole in the middle of the D-line remains the most important player left on Georgia's big board.

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BCSAV said...

Though Wednesday is important, I think the basketball game is the most important thing to happen that day. We have to win that game while we are waiting on just a few 17 year olds to round out a recruiting class. The rest are just going through the formality of signing their names. I'm a lot more focused on 12 guys trying to get an at-large bid for the first time since 2002. Hopefully Crowell signs but whose to say hes not the next Caleb King.

I know I'm probably in the 1 percentile but thats just Georgia athletics I guess.