Thursday, February 3, 2011

2011 Recruiting Wrap Up: The Dream Team is really the Complete Team

I know Coach Richt is still waiting on the final decision of big John Jenkins before officially wrapping up recruiting for this year, but at the point the 2011 recruiting season is over. Signing all 23 of the verbal commits the Dawgs had coming into yesterday and picking up Isaiah Crowell and Kent Turene was the icing on the cake for Coach Richt, Coach Bobo, and Coach Grantham. And while this class will be remembered by the Dream Team moniker, maybe the more appropriate name is the Complete Team.

In year's past, Georgia has tended to focus on certain positions to drive their recruiting efforts. Often a class rich in skill position players may have been thin on the lines or a class rich in offensive lineman was weak in the secondary. This class is a completely different story. The Dawgs were able to wrap solid commits at nearly every single position on the field. As a matter of fact, you could make almost an entire 22 man starting roster from this class. The only positions that we did not sign players at were fullback, kicker, punter, and center (though a couple of the offensive line recruits could play center). We even signed a freaking long snapper!

And it is not just the fact that we found bodies at nearly every position, but a number of players that may have immediate impacts. Crowell will be given a chance to start at tailback, Drew will compete for the vacated spot left by Justin Houston, Malcolm Mitchell will see action at receiver, Jay Rome may see the field with Figgins moved to fullback, and John Jenkins (if he signs) will most likely be the starting nose guard. Overall, this is an amazing class that filled our needs and stocked the cupboard with talent.

Tomorrow, I will take a closer look at the Georgia depth chart prior to spring practice with the new recruits in the mix.

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<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

Complete team. I like that. I was very impressed as well with the diversity among all the spots these guys fill. Good post!!!