Friday, November 12, 2010

Aubie Implicated in Cam Newton Scandal

It's about to break nationwide, but Aubie (America's Least Threating Mascot), is now at the center of a new Cam Newton scandal. Apparently, this is new a side of Aubie than we've previously seen.

A rash of laptops have gone missing on Auburn's campus over the past several weeks during football games, and this picture nabbed last week proves of Aubie's involvement:

This is a saddening development for what has been an upstanding, but lame, mascot. Cam Newton's actions are now dragging others down with him.

Apparently, Aubie's also been keeping up with all of the media's coverage of Cam Newton Scandal:

But this is what Aubie apparently thought of the media's reports on Cam:

Now that he's been implicated in the Cam Newton affairs, this cat's in for a rude awakening.


AUMaverick said...

We all know you love Aubie. I bet you even sleep with a stuffed Aubie at night.

Anonymous said...

Forget about Aubie...How about the chicks in the front row smuggling grapefruits in her dress and the other flashing the stadium with her snatch!?!

Howard said...

This is gorgeous!