Thursday, November 11, 2010

3rd Annual BnE Pick 'Em: Week 10

Folks, I'm back after a bye week, so let's recap where we stand after week 10 heading into the Deep South's Oldest Rivalry:
  1. Bubba with 277 points and 18-8
  2. Silver Britches with a respectable 260 and a 16-10 record
  3. Fresh Catch Shuffle just 1 point behind and 17-9
  4. AUMav's Picks with 255 points going 18-8
  5. Dawgsman81 with 255 and 18-8 points but just missing on the tie breaker
  1. Silver Britches with 2185 points and a 162-67 record taking the lead
  2. AUMav's Picks with 2181 points and a 163-66 record
  3. WarriorDawg making the most of his points going 160-69 but managing 2168 points
  4. allyugadawg keeoing it real for the ladies racking up 2151 points with a 165-64
  5. BLACKOUT going 164-65 with 2132 points
Since most everyone did fairly well this week, BnE's Pick 'Em will recognize the scourge of the sports media world this week as our Bottom Feeder of the Week. As many of you now have heard, there have been several allegations leveled at Cam Newton. Everything from alleged cheating at Florida, to his pay-for-play scandal involving Kenny Rogers at Mississippi State, the sports news media have jumped on this bandwagon faster than a Florida fan lining up for a sale on jean shorts down at the Family Dollar. ESPN, Fox News, Sports Illustrated, etc. all have reported on the sources, speaking anonymously since they do not have permission to speak, and their allegations against Cam. Yet despite all the allegations, Cam remains eligible to play. Let's remember one thing: in this country, a person is innocent until proven guilty.

Now, it can all come back and all the allegations can be true. But the timing, ferocity and intensity at which these allegations keep coming out have lead the fans and sports haters alike to view it all as a bit of a comical spectacle. Not since Bill Clinton have sports fan taken to lampooning the allegations. Seriously, its as if the old Chuck Norris facts have morphed into the never-ending Allegations of Cam Newton. Here are a few of my favorites courtesy of FOP and some of my Auburn friends' posts:
  • Cam Newton dines and dashes at charity dinner events
  • Cam Newton was on the infamous grassy knoll in Dallas
  • Cam Newton gave Jessie Spano those caffeine pills
  • Cam Newton fired the rocket out of the Pacific. It was headed to your mom's house.
  • Cam Newton is funneling money to Somali Pirates
  • Cam Newton did in fact let the dogs out
  • Cam Newton didn't wash his hands in the bathroom causing the Cholera outbreak in Haiti
My favorite however comes from . He photo shopped an entire homepage to show the following:

Anyway, I find all this a tragic comedy. As much as I can laugh at all this, its still sad how the media has jumped on this just weeks after praising the turn around and the athletic ability of this young man. Let's not forget, Cam has done tremendous things at Auburn as a young man in just one year on the Plains. I look forward to seeing him in action again this Saturday in Auburn as he takes on the Dawgs. With Cam at the helm, I have a good feeling I'll be seeing my Tigers in Atlanta.

As for the rest of the weekend's games, let's see what else we have to look forward to...
  • Miami at Georgia Tech: Miami has proven to be the SUC of the ACC. Actually, the whole ACC has proven to be more neurotic in their play than SUC. Its a crap shoot but take Buzz
  • Utah at Notre Dame: Utes. Next!
  • Texas Tech at OU: If you think there might be another upset, think again. OU is at home and plays well in Normam. Take the Sooners over Tubs
  • OK State at Texas: Goose is dead...You gotta let him go. Seriously, the season is over for Texas and I cant see how the Horns pull it off against the Cowboys. Something is wrong in the state of Texas.
  • Oregon at Cal: LaMichael James could be in jail in Thailand and Oregon would still have enough speed to run. Don't pass on the Duck!
  • SUC at the Swamp: This is going to be an interesting match up but I have a feeling fate is still smiling on the Visor of the Old Ball Coach. Look for the defense of SUC to put enough pressure on Demps and Rainey to give Lattimore time to run the ball when the O is on the field. SUC wins a close one to secure a ticket to Atlanta.
  • A&M at Baylor: Toss a coin, its a game between two Texas teams.
  • Mississippi State at Bama: Dan Mullen has put together a very good team in Starkville. If you're a betting man, go out on a limb and pick the other Bulldogs
That's it for now. BulldawgJosh, our old friend BFR, and myself will be loading up and heading to Auburn on Saturday. If anyone else is headed down, leave me a message and you're always welcome at the tailgate.


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