Sunday, January 24, 2010

Guest Post: Who is Mark Fox and what has he done to our team?

Friend of the blog and regular commentator here at B n' E, MT, attended the basketball game against Tennessee in Athens last night. Here are his thoughts on Mark Fox and how he is transforming Georgia basketball:

Who is Mark Fox and what has he done with our team?


We look more and more like a team that is starting to buy into Fox’s triangle system and believe in themselves. Even though Fox is dealing with a short bench, he is making the most out of his depth, with 11 players rotating in during just the first half.

Georgia led the rest of the way after 3 minutes into the game. Even though Bruce Pearl quickly turned on the full court press against Georgia for the rest of the game, we had little difficulty inbounding and moving the ball around, unlike in the Felton era. Once the game started to truly get out of hand, we surprisingly saw a lot of minutes from Stevie Pearl… I wonder why?
Travis Leslie’s dunk five minutes into the game blew the roof off of the Stegasaurous and will definitely end up in Sportcenter’s Top 10 tonight. Leslie has to be Georgia’s best recruiter right now, with the amount of highlights the WWL is giving him each game. I don’t think I have ever seen as many unmolested dunks as I did tonight, as Tennessee seemed to collapse on the driving player every time, opening up the paint.

The students were packed to the rafters over an hour before the game even started. There was a lot of good signs in the game, from “You shoot better off the court!” to a Tennessee hostess escorted by three USC clad students with Orgeron, Lane and Monte Kiffin masks. For some reason, there was also a student that lathered himself in peanut butter too. Ultimately at the end of the game, we were thwarted at storming the court.

Chants echoed throughout the night, from “Where’s your handcuffs” to “Please don’t rob me!”

It was all good fun with our rivals to the north. The Vols showed up in jumpsuit-clad force, but after Leslie’s NBA Jam-esque dunk, they were not heard from again. It’s got to be noted that we’ve got one serious head ball coach, and we need to make sure he’s locked up for a long time. March Madness is a magical time and Georgia Nation deserves to be a part of it each year.
After this win, I think we can legitimately start talking about making the tournament this year. Sitting at 9-8 (1-3) with one of the nation’s most impressive schedules, a couple more big wins would put us right on the bubble. Add two wins in the SEC Tourney and we truly enter the discussion.

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