Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Unofficial SEC Media Days 2009 Drinking Game

With SEC Media Days in full swing, Bubba N' Earl proudly presents The Unofficial SEC Media Days 2009 Drinking Game.

Take one drink each time you hear….

- “Tim Tebow – Greatest player EVA’!”
- A debate over who is the better receiver – AJ Green or Julio Jones (drink twice if someone slips Brandon LaFell into the equation.)
- A comparison between Joe Cox and DJ Shockley
- A coach accuses another coach of a recruiting violation
- The number of arrests at Florida over the last three years
- “Urban Meyer is leaving for Notre Dame” (twice if this is uttered by Paul Finebaum)
- Mentions of the new CBS and ESPN television contracts
- Bama is back…for real this time!
- Tiga’ Bait, Tiga Bait, Tiga Bait

Take two drinks when…
- Someone refers to Lane Kiffin as “The Little Monte”
- A reporter asks Dan Mullen if his offense will work as well at Mississippi State as it did at Florida
- Someone says Jevan Snead and Ole Miss should be ready for a let down
- There is any mention of the Auburn passing game
- Steve Spurrier refuses to call Stephen Garcia by name, only referring to him as “The Quarterback”
- A discussion of the BCS vs. a Playoff breaks out
- Gene Chizik arrives in the Auburn limo
- Eric Berry’s little brother shows up

Go ahead and finish your beer when…
- Bobby Petrino goes lobbying for a new job
- Vanderbilt: SEC title contenders
- Lane Kiffin gets told off by Spurrier, again.
- A Tommy Tubberville or Phil Fulmer sighting
- Les Miles – minus the hat.
- Orgeron and the Wild Boys show up
- Someone picks anyone other than Florida to win the SEC.

Happy Hangovers!!!!


AUMaverick said...
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AUMaverick said...

Finish off a 5th of JD like Bluto from Animal House if anyone mentions Auburn being a contender in the West. Take two if Shiznick says he expect Auburn to have a winning season.

Great post. I look forward to blitzing myself silly.