Sunday, September 14, 2008

Week 3: Impressions and Ramblings

A win is a win. Sometimes it ain't pretty, but at the end of the day all that really matters is the W.

Week 3 of the college football season has passed, here are my thoughts:

Georgia - South Carolina
- This was a typical Georgia - South Carolina game. Georgia dominates much of the game, but Carolina still has a chance at the end. This time, Rennie Curran played the role of David Pollack and saved us. (The B 'n E staff likes to knock me for being from Snellville, but our boys tend to come through when it counts.)

Snellville comes through in the clutch!

- Stafford proved that he is ready to lead this team. The Cocks brought pressure and Stafford made the right decisions that led us to a victory. He's a dropped pass and Richard Samuel lowering his head away from a two touchdown day. The throws to Durham and Green were NFL caliber.

Catch the damn ball!!!!

- Knowshon continues to amaze. That was the hardest earned 79 yard game I have seen in a long time.

- The bad things from weeks 1 and 2 remained. Too many penalties, bad kick-offs and not enough pressure. We've got some work to do in practice.
- We dropped to 3 in the ranks, which I think is crap. USC killed an overrated OSU team and deserves to be 1, but Oklahoma who has played no one did not deserve to jump us.

Notre Dame is back?
- In what I like to call "Pillow Fight 2008", Notre Dame put a hurting on Michigan 35 -17. This may not be a popular opinion, but I think Notre Dame may be a little better than people think. Don't be surprised if they end up with 8 wins this year.

USC shows its muscle
- Ohio State is horribly overrated. I know USC is good, but they only put up 3 points. The loss of Wells does not make up 32 points.

The Pac 10 is as bad as the ACC
- Arizona State showed that they are clearly not ready to compete for a spot in the BCS with a loss to UNLV, UCLA got demolished by BYU, Washington got blown out by Oklahoma, Arizona loses to New Mexico, Washington State loses to Baylor, and Cal's mighty running game got beat by a Maryland team that lost to Middle Tennessee State. Conference Power ratings are clearly defined with the SEC at 1 and the Big XII at 2.

Mississippi State picks up 2 in the 8th, but Auburn's closer shuts the door in the 9th
- Auburn 3, Miss St 2 - Are you freaking kidding me?!?! When Miss St. went for on 4th and 15 from the 50 in the fourth, Earl looked at me and said, "They should have pinned Auburn deep and went for the safety to win." The sad thing is, that could have really happened.

In Conclusion...

We escaped Columbia with a win and we are 3-0. We travel to the desert next week and we need to send a message to USC that the Pac 10 doesn't scare us one bit. With Bama looming, we need to fix the penalties and pass coverage fast.

Photos courtesy of the AJC and the Athens Banner Herald


Mackalicious said...

Shall that have been the hottest damn game I've ever sat through? The shade didn't stretch to our seats until 5 minutes left in the game. On top of the fact I was already fuming at our lack of offense, a loss Saturday could have capped that off as the WORST game I've ever been to. Instead the win puts it in a different category where misery doesn't exist. Go Dawgs!

Bubba said...

Completely agree, easily the hottest game I have ever been to. It seemed like BFR and I never got any shade above the band.