Thursday, September 18, 2008

Weekend Garbage Late Edition

Greetings from Sin City! I apologize for this being late and shorter than I anticipated, but I've got to go lose more money on everything.


After our first week victory over Ga Southern, we dropped to number 2. After our trouncing of Central Michigan, we lost first place votes (even some to a team that didn't even play that week).

Now, after our close victory in South Cacklacky, we've dropped to number 3. At this point, we will be 10-0 and ranked number 12.

We also lost all but 2 of our first place votes in each poll, and Oklahoma also has less first place votes than they did last week.

However, I've never seen such a quick regression of a team's ranking this early WHEN THEY ARE WINNING ALL THEIR GAMES.

With this precedent, what happens if we lose a game? Do we drop out of the polls?

At this point, unless the Gayturds lose to the Vols, we will drop to number 4 even if we beat AZ State.


BUH-LOWS!!! Alright, lemme get this straight. Four of your teams lost to Mountain West Conference teams. Wow. You also lost to 3 other out of conference teams. In a week where all of your teams played out of conference, you went 3-7 and four of those losses were to a non-BCS conference.

Guess that PAC-10 domination never quite got off the ground.


I hate you because Mark May loves you, and therefore I hate you. I'd typically be happy to watch a Big 11 team get slapped around like you did to Ohio State, but this means I have to listen to Mark May tell me how this is the return of the greatest team in history (everyone knows it's Bama, c'mon).

Gregg Doyel Can Suck A Nut

Thanks to the Senator for pointing this out nn his blog.

Read why Gregg Doyel is a buffoon. Rather than go through and react to every line this moron has written with all the fury imaginable, I'll just say this:

This sumbitch thinks Bama is probably a superior team to the Dawgs and should be ranked above us, because we're obviously vastly overrated. Are you kidding? I wasn't even that mad about how you said we suck, but I cannot stand for any notion that Bama is "superior" to us. I mean, they were the greatest team ever in the first week of college football, but Tulane almost received the torch of upset from UL-Monroe the following week. Now, you're feeding the the fan base that defines being in denial.

For that, your actions are inexcusable. Suck-a-nut.


Ally said...

Doyel is a gaytor grad, so he holds zero credibility with me, and most of the free world for that matter. I don't even bothr reading his crap anymore - except after we beat his precious gaytors ;-)

BulldawgJosh said...

holy crap, didn't know that. Thanks for bringing this douchebag's alma mater to my attention