Monday, September 1, 2008

Week 1: Impressions and Ramblings

Week 1 of the college football season is now complete. Here are the big things I take from week 1:

- We dominated the game, it was not even close. Some people came away unsatisfied, but not me. It was 38-0, we were playing EVERYBODY. Overall, a great day for the Dawgs.
- On the other hand, the loss of Jeff Owens hurts. We saw Deangelo Tyson in the game very early and I figure he will be a key part of the D-line rotation going forward.
- Knowshon and Stafford looked like legitimate Heisman candidates. 275 yards and two scores for Stafford, over 100 total yards and 3 scores for Knowshon on only 10 touches. Pretty impressive, even against Georgia Southern.
- Guys making an impact. Kris Durham, Corvey Irvin, Daryl Gamble, AJ Green, and Caleb King all showed something on Saturday.

The SEC dominates, the ACC sucks:

- With Tennessee left to play, the SEC has gone 10-1. The only team that looks legit in the ACC right now is Wake Forest. Va Tech and Clemson both lost games in which they were favored.

Columbus, we have a problem:
- If Beanie Wells is out and Sanchez plays like he did against Virginia, is there any doubt that USC will dominate Ohio State in a few weeks?

Auburn's New Offense:
- 13 for 27 for 85 yards, 1 TD and 1 int. Doesn't exactly sound like the great passing numbers that Auburn fans have been thinking they were going to put up in Tony Franklin's new offense. But running the ball, Auburn had 46 carries for 321 yards. Maybe things on the Plains haven't changed that much.

Missouri - Illinois:
- I know everyone loves offense, but 52 - 42? Missouri, if you let Juice Williams throw for over 400 yards and 5 TD's, your defense just isn't very good. Oklahoma is licking their chops right now.

Who's Rising, Who's Falling:
- Stock Up: Colorado - Say all you want about his dad being the coach, but Cody Hawkins is a pretty darn good qurterback. Look for Colorado to challenge for the Big XII North.
- Stock Down: Clemson - You have the best running back tandem in the country and you managed ZERO YARDS RUSHING. Tommy Bowden's offensive strategy is questionable at best. If you have Spiller and Davis, how the heck does your game plan not include getting them the ball at least 25 times?
- Stock Up: Wake Forest - One of the most complete teams I saw play. Solid offense, solid defense, great coaching. Look for Wake to take the ACC for the second time in three years.
- Stock Down: Pitt - Wanstache - that seat is mighty hot right now.

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