Monday, January 17, 2011

Weekend Thoughts

- Has there ever been a more star-studded underclassmen group that this year's group of players from the SEC? AJ Green, Mark Ingram, Cam Newton, Nick Fairley, Julio Jones, Patrick Peterson, and Justin Houston will almost all certainly be first round picks. And there are more big names (Hill, Cobb, etc.) in the class as well.

- Saturday's win over Ole Miss by the men's basketball team may have been the best offensive game I have ever seen by the Georgia Bulldogs. Considering that Ole Miss shot the ball pretty well (47%), the 22 point victory is that much more impressive.

- Trey Thompkins is destined to win the SEC Player of the Year Award. He dominates the floor and has become deadly on short range shots. He reminds me a lot of Al Horford. Travis Leslie continues to get better and continues to add to his ever growing highlight film.

- This is a big recruiting week for the Dawgs. With only two weeks until National Signing Day, the Dawgs need to finish this class strong. On Friday, two of Georgia's key targets (Jay Rome and Malcom Mitchell) will announce their choice. I have a feeling they will be heading to Athens.

- The Atlanta Falcons got smoked by the Green Bay Packers on Saturday. It seemed to be a somewhat fitting ended to a horrible year for football in the state of Georgia. And despite the Falcons inability to win a playoff game, they still managed to have more wins this year (13) than Georgia and Georgia Tech combined (12). Pretty sad.

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