Monday, December 13, 2010

Team of the Decade: What the Fans Got Wrong

During the Annual Football Gala on Saturday, the "Team of the Decade 2001 - 2010" was announced. The team was voted on by fans through (see the full results here). And while the Dawg fans got most of the obvious players (David Pollack at DE, Knowshon Moreno at HB) right, there were a couple of choices they got wrong.

- Greg Blue over Sean Jones at Strong Safety

Yes, Greg Blue was a fantastic player who was named an All-American. He made a number of amazing hits that can still be seen in Georgia highlight packages today. But picking Blue over Sean Jones is a mistake. In addition to his cover skills, Jones was also a key contributor on special teams. Georgia does not beat Auburn in 2002 without Jones.

- Mohamed Massaquoi over Terrence Edwards at Wide Receiver

Lots of Georgia fans try to remember Edwards for the drop in the Florida game in 2002 rather than remembering his whole career as one of the best in SEC history. Edwards was the SEC's all-time leading in receiving when his career ended. MoMass was a great Dawg for four seasons, but like Edwards, had issues with drops during his career as well. Both great players, but it is hard to leave the SEC's (one-time) leading receiver off the list.

- Blair Walsh over Billy Bennett at Kicker

Seriously? Walsh has been great, don't get me wrong. But Billy Bennett set the NCAA record for career points. People forget that even during the success of the early 2000's, Georgia often had problems scoring TDs in the red zone. But with Billy back there, we almost always came away with points.


Andy Coleman said...

Streit, I agree with you on the Sean Jones pick, but not the other two. The way I look at it is "which guy would I want on my team if I was coaching right now?".

I would easily take Massaquoi because he was almost always a sure thing in key situations.

It's a close pick for me on the PK, but I take Walsh for the simple fact he has more leg. I may even give a co-PK here.

BFR said...

I distinctly remember MoMass's drop issues early in his career. See Mississippi State c. 2006. That problem seemed to resolve itself after a fateful pep-talk which occurred between Stafford, MoMass, and an intoxicated fan wearing a red blazer at Gus's following that MSU game...

BuLLdawg said...

We have 10 All-America players in the Decade of 2000-2009.

A Team of The Decade makes no sense whatsoever.

With the huge off-field issues of the Mark Richt Era with Arrests, Bad Press and Suspensions, not to mention 20 LOSSES the last 5 years, averaging a 4-LOSS season every year of the last 5, we don't have an All-Decade Team.

David Greene found Terrence Edwards WIDE OPEN on his route; yet, inexplicably the ball was thrown WAY OVER HIS DAMN HEAD.

Drew Butler was All-America last year on 6 All-America Teams, including both Coaches' and AP.

Knowshon Moreno was All-America on Coaches and AFCA in the 2008 season only. This 2008 season was the season marked by us being # 1 in EVERY poll pre-season, and then that very night 21 Mark Richt players went out and had a hell of a night celebrating it, followed by Mark Richt's "coaching staff" giving the football in the 3 LOSSES against the ONLY 3 teams we played in 2008, a grand total of an average of 17 carries per game vs. Alabama (31 to nothing at half), Georgia tek (29 consecutive points allowed this game too), and Florida (42 consecutive points allowed.)

ALL the other All-America players were recruited here by Jim Donnan, this entire Decade. And, by the way, the DECADE was OVER last year.

We don't have enough players to make up a damn All Decade Team.

This is like the 27 Awards given out last night at the Banquet. 27 Awards to a team who beat NO ONE. 27 Awards to a team who LOST to cupcake Florida and to cupcake Colorado. 27 Awards to a team who is 6-6.


trumely said...

BuLLdawg, drink the hatoraide much? I'm a die-hard Georgia fan, and you obviously are too. Does it make sense to deride people for "failing"? Georgia has issues, I don't disagree, but I'm tired of every blog covered in rants about the state of UGA football. The team hasn't won the way we'd like. PERIOD. We are ALL aware of that, and we don't need people pulling out ridiculous statistics just to prove their point. Richt has a better record than Dooley over the same span of time. Does that mean that Richt is a better coach? Stop moaning, pry yourself away from the bad, and get back to rooting for your team. GOOOOOOOOOO Dawgs!

BCSAV said...

Seymour and Sullivan as the DT's. Owens and Atkins might be in the top 10 for that position.