Friday, December 17, 2010

It's Getting Better

Let's face it, 2010 has not been a kind year to the Georgia Bulldogs. Damon Evans, arrests, AJ Green selling a jersey, and a 6-6 record have all tarnished what was a pretty good image for the Dawgs. But in recent weeks, some events have taken place that have given some hope that things are turning around up in Athens. Instead of talking about the problems, I wanted to point out some of the good things that are happening, both on and off the field.

- Continued dominance of Georgia Tech

The victory over Tech may have been ugly, but the Dawgs still found a way to get it done. Can you imagine how enraged the fans would be if we had lost? The men's basketball team followed it up with a victory over the Jackets just a few weeks later. While our programs may not be at the top, they are still better than Tech's.

- Changing the schedule to play Boise State to open 2011

While I still don't think this was the best idea in the world, it does provide an opportunity for the Dawgs to rebuild their national reputation. A win over the Brancos to open the season may be what the Dawgs need to get back on track. Plus, a national television audience will certainly help recruiting both this year and next year.

- Consistency at the Coaching position

Some people would like to see Mike Bobo and even Mark Richt let go. But with other teams (like Florida) in a coaching flux, keeping a consistent staff can only help the Dawgs going into next fall. Plus, its not like Bobo is making $1.2 million to be a coordinator.

- Aron White speaks at graduation

Tight end Aron White was chosen as the lone student speaker for the fall 2010 graduation ceremonies. He applied for the position just like a regular student would and was picked by a board of his peers. He wanted to take the opportunity to show something good for the football team after a tough year of off the field issues. Aron White may have not had a great season on the field, but he certainly had a great year off it.

- Georgia players help an accident victim

Yesterday, Washaun Ealey and Mike Gilliard ran to check on the driver of a bus that hydroplaned off the road. The bus driver ended up being okay, and while this may not seem like a big deal, it will do wonders for Georgia's image. After so many off the field incidents with football players (including the arrest of Ealey back in September), it is great to see some good press. Hopefully, we will see more of these types of stories in the future.


<--- Dawg Stephen Himself said...

Agreed totally. While there were enough things to not be happy about, there are many many positive things going on at UGA.

Some may think its time for our coach to go, but one of the biggest things that we can preach to recruits is STABILITY. The coach doesnt WANT to leave, and the AD is standing behind him doing all he can to help. If I were a player, then I would be encouraged by that.

Imagine how Brantley feels after only 1 season playing at Florida, after waiting his turn, only to see his coach QUIT..who knows where he fits in?

Good points you made..GO DAWGS!!!

Andy Coleman said...

Besides the S&G blog, most of us have some reality built into our beliefs and opinions as fans! My Dawg cup is half full too!