Monday, November 1, 2010

Thoughts on Florida and Where To Go From Here

With the alcohol completely out of my system, here are my thoughts on the loss to Florida on Saturday:

- I have seen this written a lot and I have to agree, Georgia looked completely unprepared during much of the first half. Murray made a couple of bad throws and the team looked like a deer in the headlights.

- As I said in my drunken rant, Urban Meyer's use of Chris Rainey really solidified everything that was questioned about his character. All he wanted was to win to the point of using Rainey as the feature of the offense for much of the first half.

- I watched the game with a Florida fan and had some great conversations throughout the game. While the TV kept trying to point out the "brilliance" of the Urban Meyer wrinkle offense, we both agreed that if they had just let Brantley sit back and pass, Florida could have had a much bigger lead.

- Aaron Murray played like a talented freshman. The mistakes were bad, particularly the fumble that not only killed a good drive but flipped the field. The second interception was Aron White's fault. That being said, there is not way this game goes to overtime without Murray on the field. The coach staffing seemed to abandon the running game in the second half, leaving it all on Murray. He answered the call. Unfortunately, the high throw to AJ in overtime will erase the great second half effort.

- Caleb King was a beast when he got the ball and Ealey was clearly bothered by the knee, but the total carries were basically the same.

- Could this finally be the breakthrough we have been waiting for from Orson Charles?

- Where is Wooten?

My last thought concerns overtime. For Georgia, going to overtime was the perfect set up for a victory. Florida was without their starting and back up kickers and the pressure was on their punter. If the Dawgs at least had a field goal on the board when Henry goes to kick, it would have been a much tougher situation. But with no fear of a loss with a miss, Henry nailed the kick. Georgia never seems to get the lucky bounces against Florida. Another game in Jacksonville lost and with it, perhaps even bowl eligibility. I surely do not want the season to end in Sandford stadium in four weeks, but it may just happen.

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