Tuesday, November 2, 2010

A Lose-Lose Situation

There is no other way to put into words how I feel about Georgia football right now. Part of me wants to join the mob screaming for Bobo's head and questioning the lost direction of the team. But when I first got to this point a few weeks ago and voiced it here on this blog, I was attacked as being too critical.

Another side of me wants to stay positive. We have a young quarterback, a new defense, and this just happens to be a season when the SEC West was much better (and more experienced) than the East. This side of me wants to have faith in our coach that he will turn it around and by next fall we will have forgotten all this mess. But I know that a lot of that arguement is merely a bunch of excuses and readers will be just as quick to roast me for those comments as well.

So, here I stand in the worst situation you can be in: a lose-lose situation. There are still 3 games left in the season and if we somehow make a bowl, will that change how draining this year has been? NO.

For now, I'm going to stay quiet. The Dawgs play Idaho State on Saturday and they will win easily. I'll be back next week for the Auburn game, but for now, I'm taking my own bye week.

Leave your thoughts in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Damn that was a short season

Anonymous said...

42-19 the last 5 years now this season, 20 programs better

13-12 vs SEC East the last 5 years now this season, 1 opponent good

# 2 worst in the nation in Arrests / Suspensions the last 5 years

We lose 14 seniors and about 4 juniors after 2010, how 2011 better?

Over 10 years, 10 losses to teams not even Top 25 Final AP Poll

Over 10 years, 11 games vs Top 10 Final AP Poll teams, 8 losses

Over 10 years, 10 games vs Florida, 8 losses

Over 10 years, too much taunting of our opponents, opponents we lost to

Over 10 years, I have heard more than enough excuses for 120 Arrests

2-6 Louisiana Lafayette record all yr

2-6 vols record all year

2-6 Vandie record all year

4-5 Kentucky record all year

These are our only "wins"

Andy Coleman said...
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Andy Coleman said...

Streit, no one with any real football "knowledge" will jump on you for wanting rid of Bobo. He's in over his head as an OC. I can predict what we are running with alarming accuracy. I am pretty damned smart, but I imagine opposing DC's know a thing or two more than me.

AUMaverick said...

In a preview of a post to come, I agree with Mr. Coleman, UGA has to stop running the ball. UGA failed to get the ball into the playmakers on the field during the Florida game, specifically AJ Green.

Murray has shown he is able to scramble effectively when faced with a pass rush, and he has the ability to hit his receiving corps for short passes leading to bigger yardage gains. To be effective vs. Auburn, the Dawgs will have to be more creative and find a way to utilize the talent at their disposal. I can see a slapdash change of offense using more of a pass option style, with Murray throwing on the run if left open, optioning to a sweeping King, or tucking and going for short gains. Maybe something more simple as PASSING. Whatever it is, it needs to be different, creative, and laid all out on the line if the Dawgs will have a shot of the upset and a bowl eligible win.

dawgfan17 said...

Amazing to me that our talent level is so high Murray can have his worst game of the year, our running game go to nothing and still be able to put up 31 against a fairly talented UF defense. If we had a real OC we score 50 on them.

NattyLiteforTailgating said...

I am absolutely fascinated and amazed by you idiots who call for Bobo. Last year it was Willie. People on the inside and close to this program and others know that Bobo is one of the best coaches on this staff. 30 points in 4 straight SEC Games - never been done before. I would venture to say that none of you have ever stepped on a football field, especially this coleman guy who keeps tearing up mike with silly quotes like "bobo ran it on 3rd and 8 before OT". Statements like that prove your lack of knowledge of the game of football and situational football. That call came from Richt. The plan was to run time, force Fla to take a T.O., punt and play D and win in OT. Wether you agree with the philosophy or not, that was called by Richt. And it would have worked if 18 had made that interception that was right in his hands. I would also venture to say you have never met Mike. It is cowards like you who sit behind a computer and call for people's jobs. Were you after him in '08 when we put up 48 at home against Tech? Were you after him when he beat a Bud Foster coached D in the Peach Bowl with a Freshman QB? It is people like you, Mr. Colemen, who give your fanbase a bad name. Please move on to more educated things to hate and harp on, like the fact we do not have a single SEC caliber starter at safety or LB on our team. Houston is our only player on D. People who really are in the know about UGA football know and realize Garner and Willie were and are lazy and ran the talent on Defense into the ground. We are a year or two behind on Defensive talent. Please take a bigger picture look at the program in Athens and what has truly gone wrong over there. Try to find people who really know what is going on and get their perspective. You really sound unedcuated when you call for the job of a guy who just put up 31 points in a game. For every "bad play call" you come up with, I can come up with 5 great calls. Play calling evens out. Good calls, bad calls. We run a prostyle offense. We can not run our offense properly because we can not block. I think that has a lot to do with Coach Searles and the Van Halenger. So if you must sit on your high horse and call for jobs, start with them.