Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Finally Back

I finally got back to Atlanta about 6:00 AM yesterday morning after an absolutely packed red eye flight filled with Dawg fans. The trip to Colorado was great, the only exception of course being the result of the football game on Saturday night. I will be posting pictures from the trip in the next few days. Instead of my normal "Thoughts On..." post, I'm going to just write a couple of quick observations about the game and the CU fans. We all are pissed about the won-loss record, there is really no point to get into that mess right now.

- AJ Green = Amazing. Enough said.

- The Georgia Alumni tailgate was a great set up. The only bad part was that it really did segregate us from the rest of campus.

- Folsom Field looks great from the outside. The inside, on the other hand, kind of sucks. There are hardly any bathrooms and the field house that has them is way too small for the amount of people.

- Fans are allowed to leave a halftime of the game. That would be very dangerous if it was allowed in the SEC.

And lastly, I have something to say about the Colorado fans. Most of their fans seemed to be alright, except for the students. This may be the worst group of fans (the CU students) I have ever seen in college sports. Just because you are stoned out of your mind does not give you the right to treat other fans like trash. And the "F%&$ You, Georgia!" chant that began in the third quarter and continued throughout the night may have been the most classless act I have ever seen in sports. We don't even chant that at Florida or Georgia Tech, rivals that we play every season.

I'll be back later this week with the trip recap.



Anonymous said...

what about the 500 UGA fans that went to the cu football team's motel on friday night? we talked trash to the team and we were 1-3. the colorado fans are saying the same about our fans.

Streit said...

Please reread what I wrote. I did not have a problem with Colorado fans in overall, just the students. and in particular, their behavior during the game. The rest of the trip, we were treated just fine (except for the numerous times I heard locals whisper that they should be seated first at restaurants).

I had not heard about Georgia fans going to their motel. If they did, that is pretty sad. While I was proud of Georgia fans for showing up to cheer their team across the country, I was disappointed to see that some people were the type of fan that I dislike the most. If you expect to get treated with respect on the road, you need to also be a respectful guest.

Once again, my issue is with the students and their behavior during the game.

Streit said...

One more thing.

Their students were also extremely disrespectful during the injury to TJ Stripling. I will not repeat some of the comments I heard come out of students mouths, but needless to say wishing more injuries on a team after an 18 year old kid just had his knee destroyed is not right.

And don't give me the "they're just kids" line. If a player on the other team gets hurt, particulary in a rivalry game, there may some chatter. But when you are playing a non-conference game and a freshman who only plays on special teams is hurt, it is a different story.

BulldawgJosh said...

I disagree on the "FU GA" chant. I really don't think that's as a big deal as everyone is making it out to be

I also will make judgments on their fanbase overall, not just students. Aside from the 3 or 4 really cool Colorado fans I met, the rest were jerks for the most part.

The douchebag fans to cool fans overall was like 4 to 1. The douchebag students to cool students was like 8 to 1.