Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Bubba 'N Earl's 80's Video of the Week - Special Edition

We have featured many great 80's music videos over the last few years, but until today, we have not featured a video about Georgia football itself. I ran across this video on YouTube that features Herschel Walker. The song is called "Running on the Edge of Time" and has everything a cheesy 80's song should have. Plus, it has some great clips of Herschel running down the field.

Love the TV guy at the end - "Boy, that's good stuff."

I will agree with you.


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MT said...

This plus seeing previews of the new 'Karate Kid' drives the point home even more that new movies need more montages.

Whether it's Rocky & "Hearts on Fire" or the original Karate Kid "You're the Best (Around)", can't beat em.

If you haven't seen a preview yet, Jackie Chan makes Pat Morita look like Marlon Brando in comparison.