Wednesday, April 7, 2010

2010 G-Day Preview - Part 2: “Bring the Rain”

The 2009 Georgia defense was a complete and absolute failure. A team once known for putting constant pressure on the quarterback was reduced to a team more famous for letting Jonathan Crompton look like an All-SEC quarterback. Georgia managed to win 8 games last year in spite of the defense and it was clear that regime change was needed. Georgia fans got their wish in the hiring of former Dallas Cowboys line coach, Todd Grantham.

Grantham brings with him the 3-4 defense, a departure from the traditional 4-3 defense that was run under Willie Martinez. The new defensive scheme means players in new positions, such as former defensive end Justin Houston now lining up at rushing outside linebacker. The defense is designed to get more pressure on the quarterback, which was seriously lacking last year. Hopefully, more pressure will not only lead to a lower third down conversion rate for opponents, but hopefully a few more turnovers to boot.

This Saturday, most of my attention will be on the linebackers. With so many guys in new positions (including Richard Samuel now at linebacker), it will look a lot different than it did in the Independence Bowl. A few sacks on Saturday would be nice as well.

G-Day Preview Part 3 – “Don’t Blow my Cover” – coming tomorrow.

Just 3 more days…


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