Monday, March 29, 2010

Who Does the Defense Need?!? The Hanson Brothers

Earl sent me this link today to a story about the Johnstown Chiefs, a minor league hockey team which takes its name from the team of the same name in the classic Paul Newman comedy, "Slap Shot". If you have never seen Slap Shot, shame on you. It is one of the greatest sports films ever made. Remembering Slap Shot got me thinking about what Georgia needs on defense to get that swagger back that the team had under Brian Van Gorder. How would Paul Newman's character have gotten the bite back into the Georgia D? With the Hanson Brothers, of course!

Georgia's needs its own group of enforcers, tough guys who step on the field and strike fear into the other team. In recent years, the most success has come at the safety position, where Thomas Davis and Greg Blue wreaked havoc on SEC receivers. But who will lead this new breed of Georgia defense? My first nominee is the man with best name in sports, Bacarri Rambo. Ask Mario Fannin if he likes going over the middle with Rambo flying around.

After Rambo, there is a long list of other guys ready to join the fight and bring the ferocity back to the Georgia defense. Guys like Akeem Dent, Justin Houston, Jakar Hamilton, and Alec Ogletree will all have their chance to make their mark this fall.

Maybe Grantham's boys won't take it this far, but knocking opposing teams around sure would be fun to watch.



alex gibbs said...

This post made me so pumped. Slapshot is top notch...and Rambo is gonna be bullying receivers this year!

Anonymous said...