Monday, March 29, 2010

Go, Mike, Go!

For any of you who have attended The University of Georgia, it should come as no surprise that the majority of people associated with the school do not like Michael Adams. The man who has been at the top of University of Georgia food chain since 1997 has constantly upset Georgia students, alumni, and faculty with his ill advised decisions and policies.

Adams has been notorious for making decisions that have been particularly upsetting to followers of Georgia athletics. In 2003, it was Adams decision to punish the entire Georgia basketball team for the actions of Tony Cole, removing the team not only from the SEC tournament but the NCAA tournament that year. It was arguably the best Georgia team since the early 80's and Adams decision is still haunting the men's basketball program to this day. Adams was also behind the "forced retirement" of Vince Dooley. While Damon Evans has done a fine job at the helm, Coach Dooley is a legend in Athens and should have been able to leave on his own terms. Most recently, the announcement of the new tailgating policies are a direct results of Adams' desire to make more money and move tailgating off campus.

With presidency of the NCAA vacant, Adams sits near the top of the short list of people to take the job. Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe and ESPN fame wrote an article (found here) on why the rest of the country should be scared. Do I think Adams would do a horrible job as NCAA President? Yes. But for the love of everything that is good in Athens, I hope the man gets the job.

All I can say is, NCAA give Mike a chance (and get him away from my University!)


Andy Coleman said...

Amen brother!

MJ said...

I want a University President I can support!

Seth said...

Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho.....Michael Adams has got to go!!!