Friday, February 12, 2010

What’s on My Mind – The NCAA is Dumb, Winter Sucks, and Other Thoughts

1. The NCAA is talking about some stupid rule changes for football.
a. The NCAA wants to band players writing messages on eye-black. As much as I dislike Tebow, I had no problem with him putting bible verses on his eye black. This seems very stupid to me.
b. The excessive celebration penalty would cause a touchdown to be taken off of the board. This is ridiculous. The 15 yard penalty was already a judgment call that could have potential major impact on a game (see the Georgia-LSU game last year). Now you want to make a judgment call take points off the board. NCAA, please see this is a dumb idea.
2. The Winter Olympics are starting…and no one really cares. In my opinion, the Olympics rank third on the most important sporting events of the weekend behind the Daytona 500 and the NBA All-Star game. No matter how much figure skating NBC puts on over the next few weeks, I still don’t care.
3. What a letdown for the Georgia basketball team against Auburn the other night. How can a team that has victories over 4 ranked opponents and took #2 Kentucky to the brink lose by 21 to Auburn? Mark Fox has made major strides with the program, but we still have a lot of work to do.
4. Tom Glavine officially retired and joined the Braves front office. I am glad to see Tommy put his anger from last year aside and come back to the Braves. Now, it’s the Atlanta fans’ turn to get off his back. It was an amazing career for Glavine, including 300 wins seen in the video below:

5. Football season is over. Congratulations to the Saints, but when the Falcons’ biggest rival wins the Super Bowl, I kind of get the same feeling as Florida winning the National Championship.

6. 4 weeks til spring practice. Let the talk about Grantham’s D, the quarterback competition, and whether Richt is on the hot seat (which he is NOT) commence.


Andy Coleman said...
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Andy Coleman said...

If they create this rule about taunting, they have confirmed that they are about as smart as Obama & his political cohorts.

RedCrake said...

Curling, man, Curling!!! Sure its just a bunch of guys with rocks and brooms, but it is riveting stuff.

Anonymous said...

U r gud at spellung!