Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reshad Jones will now throw punches in the NFL

As expected, redshirt junior safety Reshad Jones is leaving Athens early for the green pastures of the NFL. Since Jones almost left after the 2008 season, this comes as a surprise to exactly no one within the Bulldog Nation. After redshirting in 2006, the Dawg Nation was introduced to Jones during the season opener against Oklahoma State in 2007. Jones famously drew a fifteen yard personal foul penalty for punching an Oklahoma State player in the chest. The player (I can't remember who it was) went down like he had just been shot with a shotgun. The next three years were filled with ups (game securing interception in the victory over South Carolina in 2008) and downs (numerous missed tackles in the 2008 loss to Georgia Tech).

Jones coverage skills were decent and he tallied a fair share of interceptions, including this one handed pick in the victory over Georgia Tech this year:

Jones was known as a heavy hitter, a reputation that caused him to be a target of officials. This hit in the Oklahoma State game this season gave Jones the label of a head hunter (even though the hit was legal) and led to a number of bad calls against Georgia this year:

Jones leaves Athens after a successful career, though he never quite lived up to the 5 star talent he was evaluated as out of high school. We wish the best of luck to Reshad at the next level and hope to see him laying more hits like this one in the years to come:


1 comment:

MT said...

Reshad was a bit of a disappointment overall.

He never quite lived up to the hype and didn't consistently show the talent he promised from his first G-Day game.

I think he would have been best served by staying in school, as he'll be a 3-4th round selection and will be overshadowed at his position by Eric Berry in the draft.

Nonetheless, good luck.