Thursday, November 5, 2009

Give 'Em Hell...The Tennessee Tech Preview

Is it just me, or have the Dawgs been involved in the national spotlight more this year (when we are not very good) than in 2005, when we won the SEC Championship? First it was on the cover of SI after we lost to Oklahoma State, then it was at the head of SEC Ref gate with the personal foul call against LSU, and now eye gougin incident with Brandon Spikes. With the record at 4-4, these things may end up being what the 2009 Georgia Bulldogs are remembered for and that is just sad. Georgia has a shot to repair their image, if we can somehow get it together like we did down the stretch in '06. A couple of big victories could put us back into a decent bowl game and a chance to end the year on a high note.

As for this week's opponent, Tennesse Tech, there is no point in a long drawn out preview. They are a middle of the road (at best) 1-AA school who got blasted by Kansas State earlier this season. This will be far the weakest team Georgia has faced all season. Records and stats do not matter, because the level of competition is no where near the same. Georgia should be able to beat this team with nothing but back ups.

This year's homecoming game should bear more importance than it has in year's past. Georgia is coming off of three straight road contests which saw the Dawgs drop two of three. Georgia has not played a game in Sanford in a month and needs to show the fans that despite the record on the field, this team is still trying to get better.

I think the Dawgs play mad, the coaches play mad, and the team shows up to a 1:00 game for once. Big stats for King and Ealey. Defense will probably give up more points than the fans will like, but it won't matter in the outcome.

Georgia 48, Tennessee Tech 20


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My prediction...UGA 17 Tenn.Tech 24

AJC Sports, Sunday, November 22

UGA loses to Tennessee Tech and falls to 4-5 in a stunning upset by FCS Tennessee Tech on Saturday afternoon in Athens. In a surprising turnout by UGA fans for their homecoming against Tennessee Tech, things turned ugly when the red and black faithful turned on their team and littered the field in protest after UGA fell behind 21-0 at the half.

Contributing to the 1st half catastrophe was Joe Cox, who in addition to throwing 2 interceptions that were returned for touchdowns, including an 86 yard pick, also managed to fumble a snap on his own 7 yard line setting up the third score of the half. As he walked into the locker room, not only was he the recipient of numerous slurs, he was doused with a drink by a drunken, disguntled, and half-clothed co-ed who was subsequently arrested for disorderly conduct and public intoxication & ludeness. Her name was not released since she was later identified as a minor.

"I don't know what to tell you, we just need to play smarter. I think we might make a switch in the second half." said coach Richt upon leaving the sideline for the locker room.

After trading multiple possessions, UGA fell further behind late in the 3rd quarter, as Tech rolled over the UGA defense on a 78 yard drive capped off by a 23 yard field goal with 4 minutes left in the quarter. Play was halted when security guards had to be called in to surrond the hedges after an excessive celebration penalty following the field goal was called on Tech in a display similar to the Dawgs 07 celebration in Jacksonville. By that point, the student section of UGA had been cleared out due several fights between students and Tennessee Tech fans. The track and hedges surrounding the field lay covered in trash and debris thrown from the stands by the time play resumed.

Following his 5th interception of the game, Joe Cox was finally benched at the end of the 3rd quarter to the jubilation of the UGA fans. With a new spark, UGA managed to finally stop Tech's offense and put together consecutive scoring drives to crawl out of the hole 24-14. With three minutes remaining, a pick by Bacarri Rambo, set up a 53 yard drive by the offense and 25 field goal to set the dogs up 24-17. However, despite the late 4th qaurter surge, the on-side kick was not recovered and Tennessee ran out the clock to beat UGA in Athens.

Immediately after the game, Athens Police in full riot gear escorted both teams from the field as fans continued to display their thoughts on the game. While Georga fans are known to be "drunk and obnoxious", the display Saturday afternoon was one for the ages, as a record number of arrests of fans during and after the game shows just how passionate the Goergia faithful feel for how the team fallen. Nearly 350 people were cited or arrested for various charges ranging from disorderly conduct and public intoxication, to assualt, battery and resisting arrest.

UGA President Michael Adams, and Athens Mayor Heidi Davison asked for all fans and students to show restraint for the remainder of the weekend. Mayor Davison also used her authority to close all bars within the city limits and ordered an 11pm curfew in conjunction with the univeristy for all residents 21 and younger through Monday.

The SEC has begun an investigation into the events of Saturday afternoon and the handling of the game by the officials as well as the university. When asked about the status of the upcoming Auburn game and its safety, SEC officials mentioned the possibility of postponing the game or even moving the game to Auburn.