Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Carson Palmer: Georgia Fan

On SI.com, they currently have a story concerning "Sports Bucket Lists", in other words sporting events people would want to see before they die. They have a photo gallery of celebrity bucket lists, and Carson Palmer's caught my eye:

I want to go to a Georgia game. I've heard so much about it. I want to go to a Georgia-Alabama game Sanford Stadium in Athens. Everybody that I've talked to that has played in the SEC says that that's the best place -- "Between the Hedges." It would have been nice to play there one time while I was in college but I need to go there to watch a game someday.

That's an awesome endorsement from a guy who played at USC.


Earl said...

Carson used to hear so much about it from Odell Thurman.

Thurman: Ya need to return a pick 100 yards against Auburn between the hedges. Da bridge shook.

sc-hell said...

odell told carson the weed is killer in athens.