Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spurrier: Teacher; Kiffin: Student

As many of you follow SEC football religiously, you've probably read about or even heard the audio from SOS dressing down Junior yesterday while waiting for an elevator at the SEC meetings in Destin. While the situation is truly funny and Spurrier taught Junior a lesson in just how to talk trash in the SEC, I'm glad our coach isn't involved in any of this. It just serves as another example of just how lucky we are to have Mark Richt as our head coach. Of course, if every coach in the SEC were like Richt, these meetings would be very boring...and the SEC meetings are usually far from boring.

"Mark, I just told him to go to his room and wait until I called for him."

God bless Georgia, God bless Coach Richt, and God bless the other SEC coaches being very entertaining.

We're close to 100 days left...

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