Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Weekend Wrap Up and Tuesday Night Football

Just watching the Florida Atlantic-Troy matchup on Tuesday night football as I fill in for Streit on the Weekend Wrap Up...

We have Tuesday night football nowadays and I don’t know why I’m watching it. I don’t care for football on Tuesday night or on Wednesday night for that matter. But as Bubba says about most college football traditions…its still better than petting an f’ing rock, and I guess Tuesday night football is better than some of the dredge that’s on television (i.e. the Debate). So, when you’re stuck at home on a Tuesday night why not watch the Howard Schnellenberger game of the week.

Speaking of former head coaches at da U, what about the job Butch Davis is doing at North Carolina. Many Cleveland Browns fans would disagree, but Davis is a really good football coach. He gets his real chance this weekend by playing Notre Dame in Chapel Hill. Notre Dame might not be the best 4-1 team in the country, but like it or not, they are the most watched. Many eyes will be on that game this week in Chapel Hill. I think Davis and the Tar Heels will boost the ACC’s image problem this week. I hope I’m right. I hate Notre Dame, like most Southerners do, and I’m kind of feeling sorry for the ACC these days. That conference hung its hat on Florida State and Miami, who ended up playing each other in a slap fest this past weekend.

Seriously, did anyone watch Florida State-Miami on ABC? Florida State won 41-39, holding off a furious Miami rally in Dolphin Stadium. That’s right, Dolphin Stadium. Sadly, there’s no more OB (the old Orange Bowl), and I guess you CAN really come up in Dolphin Stadium AND treat Miami that way. Remember when this series featured Deion Sanders versus Michael Irvin and Derrick Brooks and Warren Sapp? As much as some old-time SEC fans hated it, the college football world practically stopped in the ‘80s and the ‘90s when these two got together. Last weekend, there were no rankings between these two, no old Orange Bowl and no care.

And so the ACC now looks a little foolish putting its eggs in that state of Florida basket. So, here’s to North Carolina helping the ACC’s image a little bit this upcoming weekend. Sure, Paul Johnson is doing some good things over there on the Flats, but I promise that we won’t ever mention them much.

So there it is. A little Tuesday night football, a little Weekend Wrap Up of yesterday’s ACC teams, and a little hope for our sister conference this weekend against Notre Dame.


In full disclosure here, I haven’t written much on the blog since the Alabama game. It was a disappointment, no way around that. But, its time to play the hated Viles and ring that victory bell again on our way to another shot at Alabama in Atlanta. Everything’s still left to play for: the SEC East, the SEC Championship and a National Championship.

How ‘bout ‘em Dawgs!

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