Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chuck Oliver, Done as a CFB 'Analyst'

For those who have not yet seen the end of Coach Richt's post-game press conference, I invite you to scroll down and watch the below video first, which comprises the entire exchange you've likely already heard about. The questioning voice is none other than Atlanta 680 AM/The Fan's Chuck Oliver.

For those very unfamiliar with Chuck, Chuck is the self-proclaimed "king" of college football (even claiming the moniker below his mugshot on his own website). He supposedly is even Atlanta's "most knowledgeable college football authority," per 680's bio.

Chuck, your English degree is worth as much as a piece of tattered toilet paper still lingering around in Auburn, Alabama. Do not ask a question in a passive voice, hiding behind anonymous 'some people' when asking a direct question you want answered. Even if within your own personal Candyland you are a voice of 'The People,' in that room you are a credentialed media member, a purported professional (supposedly the "most knowledgeable" one too!). Ask a question and own it, or just don't ask it at all if it is, in fact, indefensible. Perhaps the few journalism credits you picked up while struggling through Auburn's rigorous academic program for 5 1/4 years didn't cover any of that.

Does the supposed "king" know that this was the 3rd closest final score in SEC Championship history? Did the "king" watch the same game that everyone else did, the one the national media pundits are already labeling the 2nd-greatest SEC Championship game played? Do you even realize that Coach Richt has a higher career winning percentage than Saint Nick, or that Aaron Murray nearly carried his team on his back to Miami?

If not, Chuck, perhaps your time as a C-USA TV analyst, as well as your 5-year stint as a defensive line coach at South Gwinnett High School, give you a much clearer perspective on this particular game, and football in general, than every single person who actually watched this game. Maybe Nick Saban will be looking for a "king" of college football, a veritable guru of the gridiron, to supplant Kirby whenever he leaves for greener pastures?

Either way, Chuck, I would start brushing up on the 'ol resume, since your clear absence of professionalism, knowledge of football, and journalistic integrity all clearly reflect your one quality that shines through above all else: you're full of hot air.

I'm sure that cherished '68 Vista Cruiser of yours is still available to take you back out West, where some tiny Texas town, outside of your beloved hometown of Houston, is waiting to crown their own Friday Night Lights "king" of football.  Clearly you do not belong in front of a microphone, period, in a major media market, and it is nigh time for 680/The Fan to "dethrone" you and let the real journalism professionals get back to work.


Shewdawg said...

Aen to that! What a tool! What a D BAG! I will flip to 790 The Zone for the 3:00 pm programming. Asshole!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that it is Chuck Oliver? I thought the same thing about Oliver when I heard the voice. However, another site is reporting the voice as Clay Travis from Outkick the Coverage. Not sure who is right, but just wanted to share.

Anonymous said...

Chuck did say he asked the question on his twitter feed.

Anonymous said...

Even if it isn't Chuck, he's still a Dbag!

Anonymous said...

Tech Fan here, Chuck is a total tool. However, nice to see someone else drawing the ignorance of the local talk show hosts.

Hint to those guys: you aren't the news you report the news. Quit trying to be part of the story!

Anonymous said...

Okay, LHB is now saying that is was not Clay Travis. I think you are right, it was Chuck Oliver. Sorry for the confusion.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who listens to 680 here in Atlanta knows that Chuck Oliver is a complete tool that never listens to anyone else, believes he's right about everything, and is never wrong. A complete douchbag that needs to end up back in the unemployment line ASAP. I hope the Dickey Family is reading this and see's how their station is being represented.

AthensHomerDawg said...

Two lamest things were the Chuck("Chuck currently lives in Tucker with a cat he found in a parking lot and Mike the one-eyed Golden Retriever.”) question and the post on GTP by a supposed Georgia fan after the game both just unbelievable.

and this exchange---->>>>>>
December 1, 2012 at 8:41 PM

Hey Bulldogs,…we just beat the hell out of you! Ramma Jamma Yellow Hamma, give em hell Alabama!

December 1, 2012 at 8:51 PM

Are you fucking kidding me?
December 1, 2012 at 8:53 PM

From my Daughter, Graduated first in her class at the University of Alabama. She was a Alpha Chi at Bama.
Mayor of Dawgtown
December 1, 2012 at 9:04 PM

Joy, that was tasteless. I have defended you on this blog before but not anymore.

Georgia Sports Report said...

680 claims to be the "Official" UGA radio station. Bet that's not going well this morning.

DawgFan1971 said...

If chuck the D-Bag does not apologize to CMR and the D Nation he should resign.

Anonymous said...

Hit chuck where it hurts raise hell with Applebee's , Rhonda Duffy and Big green egg as well as gutter company. No more free lunch for chuck . I'm calling them all to bash him.
New game Win Chucks Lunch

Anonymous said...

the stupidity of UGA fans never ceases to amaze me. He asked a fair question, and he's absolutely right that SOME people will wonder about Richt and Murray coming up short (especially Richt). I've been hearing people say it for years! Did UGA play a great game? Yes! Did they win? NO! You can't use this loss as proof that Richt and Murray are winners because they DID NOT win. Yall are so freaking entitled! Get over yourselves. You can question your coach, your DC, you OC, your QB, but the media can't? Come on

Anonymous said...

First of all if you listen to 680, everyday more UGA fans call in than any other, and that is their biggest complaint...just what Chuck said "Richt not being able to win the big games". Truth be told.
The moderator cut the questioning off, Richt never answered the question. That's just part of the job of coaching, you take the glory of winning and the goat of defeat. He didn't take the defeat too well.

Anonymous said...

That is a legitimate questions for them to debate all this week and maybe even ask Richt on Monday, but after the way the game was played, it was stupid. There had to be 100 better questions to ask at the moment. If they don't show up, ask that question. They showed up and played damn well.

Anonymous said...

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