Tuesday, January 4, 2011

2010: The Year Which We Will Not Speak About

What was the best part about New Year's Day? It meant that 2010 was finally over. It was a year for all in the Bulldawg Nation to forget. Too many arrests, suspensions, a crappy season, and a bowl loss. It doesn't get much worse. So, beginning today, there will be no looking back. References 2010 season are inevitable, but there will be no season review, no more analysis of the losses, and questions of what went wrong. Going forward, we will look to the future of the program, that begins with recruiting, continues with spring practice, G-Day, and summer practice, and culminates in the showdown with Boise State at the Georgia Dome.

Bring on 2011, the year wear the dark days end hope returns to the foothills of the Georgia mountains.

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