Thursday, December 2, 2010

BNE Pick 'Em: Week 13 - This Time It's Personal!

The final week of the season is upon us. This weekend, champions will be crowned, bowl games will send out their final invites, and we will know for sure who will be playing in the BCS national championship. 13 weeks of football has come down to this final weekend of games to determine who lives to play again in December and January.

Week 13 of the Pick 'Em proved to be just as big a turning point for the pecking order as the games themselves. Most everyone had the PIT game wrong, in addition to Boise State, NC State, Vandy, USC, Cal, Florida and Syracuse. Last week was by far the worst week for actual picks and only those who risked the least made the best score. The final shake-up heading into Championship Weekend is below:
FSU knows all about this...
 Week 13 top 5:
  1. Streit's Picks
  2. allyugadawg
  3. Dutch
  4. Dawgsman81
  5. Bubba
Our overall leaders:
  1. Silver Britches with 2829 points and a 208-90 record
  2. WarriorDawg with 2819 points also going 208-90
  3. Our resident lady-fan, allyugadawg with an even 2800 and 212-86 record
  4. Streit's Picks with 2785 points and a 214-84 record, the best win/loss record overall
  5. AUMav's Picks accumulating 2771 points and a 210-88 record
This week's Bottom Feeder of the Week  is sponsored by Atlanta's favorite criminal defense website,, "The Law Office That Doesn't Take 'Guilty' for an Answer". I am ashamed to say, but I am the BFotW this week. After my dismal week of picks, I probably need to contact the law office of Head Thomas Web & Willis, LLC and plea insanity. What was I thinking?!

Now there is a question! What was the NCAA thinking this week? As all now know, Cam Newton was deemed innocent, had no knowledge of the pay-for-play scandal at Mississippi State and has been deemed eligible to play. While I am happy to know Auburn's undefeated season will remain intact, I am now very worried at the precedence set by this decision. The NCAA has essentially removed any player from consequence in any future similar situation simply by claiming ignorance. I'm sure Cam did not have any knowledge of his corrupt preacher-father Cecil's back-door dealings, but I bet a visit to our BFotW sponsor,, might have helped his chances during this investigation if their services were used. I'm sure we'll be hearing about the ramifications next season and in future scandals, but for now, I'm happy that Cam's name has been cleared, he is now eligible to tackle SUC in Atlanta, and hopefully will hoist the Heisman in New York.

Week 14 of picks are due soon, so make sure to tell all your friends to finish strong. The Fighting Zooks take on Fresno State and should be able to eek one out. Take the Wolfpack over Miami (OH) and the Fighting Wanstedts over the Bearcats. In the Civil War, I fully expect the Ducks to punch their ticket to Glendale. The Apple Cup should see the Cougars fall to the purple warriors of Washington State. Connecticut vs. USF is a toss up, but take Conn to take the Bulls. VaTech will finish their season with a win over FSU to take the ACC. Look for Nebraska to go out on top as the leave for the Big 10-11-12 with a win over the Sooners. USC will beat UCLA in a squeaker. Finally, look for another close win in the second half for Auburn as they stop Lattimore and Jeffery for the SEC Championship and their second shot at the national title.
 Check back next week for the final regular season standings and an update for the Bowl Pick 'Em. Good luck!!

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