Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010: A Year of Horrible College Football Music Videos

Since the creation of YouTube in 2006, fans have used the video sharing website to display songs and music videos concerning their favorite teams. 2010 saw an insane number of bad music videos appear on the internet. And while Georgia may have had one of the worst videos of the year, "Party in the UGA" was made by orientation leaders and was not just about the football team. Here's a look at some of the worst college football team music videos made over the last year.

Nebraska - "We Got T Magic"

Nebraska freshman quarterback Taylor Martinez got off to a fantastic start for the Cornhuskers this fall. The team was undefeated until Martinez suffered an injury and the 'Huskers lost to Texas. Later in the season, fans questioned his heart after a verbal battle with Coach Bo Pelini, but early in the season, they were simply calling him "T Magic":

Alabama - "Forever Bama"

White girl rapping about the Alabama football team, "Saying we want this for Bama, man" followed by a guy saying lines about Tebow and Guido's. Priceless.

Oregon - "Put Your O's Up"

You can even get the ring tone!!! "Eugene, Eugene, Eugene, and this Autzen! Ducks on the home turf, we run the whole Earth!"

Miami - "Green and Orange"

Of course The U has a new rap song this season. Plenty of swear words, but still horrible. They even mention Uncle Luke.

Auburn - "6'6'' 250"

SEC fans had fun making videos about the Cam newton situation at Auburn to songs like "Son of a Preacher Man". Those were funny, but this is funnier. Six-six, two fitty! "Wanna say I steal for this?" Why yes Cam, you did steal for this.

But the worst video of the year was actually produced with the cooperation of the school. Here is the worst college football team music video of the year:

Notre Dame - "We are ND"



alex gibbs said...

Didn't even make it through an entire video....these were awful. haha.

Great post of horrible music. Now all the Christmas songs don't seem so bad.

BulldawgJosh said...

I was going to blast you for leaving out uga's song and video (which was awesome, btw), but its been removed from youtube.

I listen to the taylor martinez song every morning to get me going, but nothing beats Eric Berry's from last year.

Amanda said...

T-Magic needs to use his magic to BEAT IOWA. Amanda Vanderpool