Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Getting the heck outta Dodge

To say things are bad in the Bulldog Nation right now is an understatement. Some are mad, others are sad, and no one really seems to know what comes next. What better of a time to get about as far away from the South as we can get!

The Bubba 'N Earl crew is heading west tomorrow morning. We'll be taking in the Rockies-Dodgers game at Coors field tomorrow afternoon, planning to go to the Alumni meet up at Mellow Mushroom on Thursday, and will be at the big tailgate on Saturday. While the team may be struggling, I fully expect the same level of excitement that the Bulldog nation showed in Tempe a few years ago.

The Dawgs will get back on track in Boulder on Saturday...I hope.



MT said...

Have fun, looking forward to the tailgating stories. Hopefully something as epic as the Lexington one.

I'll be holding down the fort in the law library in Columbia

AUMaverick said...

God speed.

Amanda said...

There were some great memories of those times, the music, the free spirit, no worries of almighty. Maybe we were young and naïve but it was all good! Amanda Vanderpool