Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Oh, hell no - What have we become

I was reading a blog today and a Georgia fan wrote that they felt like we were becoming the Wisconsin of the SEC...and that pisses me off. We are not like Wisconsin: a consistenly good team who plays in New Year's day bowls regularly but can't quite crack the top of the conference...or are we?!? SHIT. When the hell did we become Wisconsin.

Look at the numbers from 2006 - 2009:

- 2006: 9-4
- 2007: 11-2
- 2008: 10-3
- 2009: 8-5
Total: 38-14

- 2006: 12-1
- 2007: 9-4
- 2008: 7-6
- 2009: 10-3
Total: 38-14

Not only do we have the same record during that span, but each team has one Top 10 in a season where they did not win their conference championship. This is maddening. AHHHHH!!!! We need to right the ship, fast.


Anonymous said...

Hey, How bout da Dawgs, eh?

Anonymous said...

If I hear a Dawg fan in the stands say,” Reach me down the beer, eh” then I’ll worry.

Anonymous said...

And UGA has better talent than Wisconsin. Coaching anyone?