Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Signing Day - Why I am not worried about losing Da'Rick Rogers

As everyone knows by now, five star recruit Da'Rick Rogers from Calhoun switched his commitment from Georgia to Tennessee this morning. Rogers had been committed to Georgia for nearly a year and, according to Claude Felton, this is the first time a five star recruit has switched away from Georgia on Signing Day. While losing Rogers may make Georgia's 2010 recruiting class suffer in the rankings, is the loss of Rogers really that big of a deal?

While losing a 5 star receiver always sucks, wideout is one position where Georgia has enough young talent to make up for the loss. In case you have a short memory, Georgia picked up a commitment from Marlon Brown on signing day last year. Brown, who like Rogers was rated a 5 star recruit, appeared poised to sign with the Vols. (Maybe it is Karma?) While Brown did not make a huge impact in 2009, he did appear in a number of games and appeared to be solid in the run block department.

Rontavious Wooten enjoyed a successful first year in Athens, catching 10 passes, and scoring twice in the Kentucky game. His speed makes him a scoring threat every time he touches the ball. And many people forget that Tavarres King will only be a sophomore in 2010. He caught two passes in the '08 season, but received a medical redshirt from the NCAA.

With Wooten, King, and Brown all around for the next seasons and the addition of Michael Bennett, I think the Dawgs still have a bright future in Athens. Just as I did with Kirby Smart, I wish Da'Rick Rogers the best of luck at UT. I just hope he remembers that he could have been playing in red and black when Alec Ogletree lays him out over the next few years.



BulldogBry said...

And everyone seems to forget that Kris Durham is coming back. I think that may be bigger than we realize, at least for 2010.

Streit said...

I agree. I think most people's concerns are more long term than next season. We know AJ will be gone, Durham will graduate, and Troupe will be a senior in '11. Wooten, King, and Brown will all be juniors, so we will need to bring at least 2 or 3 in the next class.

Dawgfan17 said...

After a little bit of a down season it is normal to lose out on a few recruits. This one just feels worse because he was committed for so long and didn't seem to waver until the very end. On the plus side if we can have a bounce back season this fall and Murray shows how good he will be to play with this fall next year we should bounce right back to the top. Not to mention a top ten(#9 by espn right now) finish being a down year in recruiting is not to bad.

Anonymous said...

now this is just hearsay but i heard the only reason da'rick rogers went to tennessee is because mike nance (nash nance's father) offer to buy de'rick a new care if he follwed his son to tennessee. i heard this from a very reliable source that personally knows da'rick and nash. i don't know if this is a violation or what but there needs to be an investigation