Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ole Miss Mascot - From Old Southern Gentleman to Star Wars Alien?

Ole Miss's new mascot? You've got to be kidding!
I'll admit it, I am huge Star Wars fan. Call me a geek, but George Lucas's space opera is one my favorite movie series of all time. Star Wars has carved its own little space in the college football world because of the film's music (created by John Williams). And while Auburn playing the imperial death march is fine and dandy, never would I figure a Star Wars character could appear on the sidelines of a major college football program. That may all change in the near future.

The AJC is reporting that the Ole Miss student body is currently pushing for Star Wars character Admiral Ackbar to be their new mascot. Ole Miss is currently searching for a replacement for Colonel Reb, whom the school retired a few years ago after some felt the mascot was not politically correct. The students are voting for the new mascot online. How does Admiral Ackbar connect to Ole Miss? Because in The Return of the Jedi, Admiral Ackbar was the commander on the Rebel Alliance. Ole Miss Rebels...Rebel Alliance...makes sense, right? Yeah, not so much.

Seriously Ole Miss, if you let this happen you will become the laughing stock of the SEC. Can't you just get an old dog (Georgia, MSU, Tennessee), cat (LSU), or other annoying animal (see Auburn's Eagle, Florida's Gators, or Cocky)? Seriously, Vanderbilt would never consider replacing the Commodore with a walking Commodore 64!

This is the SEC. In the words of Admiral Ackbar himself, switching your mascot to a Star Wars character is a trap!

Lets leave the Sci-Fi and fantasy stuff to the Nerds.


Ally said...

It's just a joke. This will never happen. The Administration & the Board of Trustees will answer to the alumni, whose deep pockets keep the University going.

What's most disgusting is the whitewashing of southern history, the liberal indoctrination of a generation of students who are so incredibly ignorant of their own history that they're now somehow ashamed of it.

Just when i thought the University of Mississippi couldn't get any more imbecilic.

Andy Coleman said...

Maybe they should just have Malcolm X as their new mascot to make up for the years of 'ol Reb! :)