Monday, January 11, 2010

Stop the Kirby Hate!

He decided to stay at the job where he just won the national championship, the Broyles Award as the nation's best coordinator, and is probably getting a huge pay raise. I have absolutely no anger at him for his decision and no other true Dawg fan should either.

Would I have liked Kirby Smart to come home to Athens? Hell yeah.

Am I going to disown him as a Dawg because he didn't want to leave the great situation he was in? Hell no.

I wish Kirby Smart the best of luck at Bama and I hope he finds a head coaching position in the near future. Mark Richt will get the right man for the job. If Kirby did not want the job, he was not the right man for it.



Panis Lifter said...

I am still feeling a little scorned after this whole business. If he wasn't interested in the job, he should have said so MONTHS ago. I can't help but feel like he played UGA (like Foster and Chavis before him) for the nice hefty raise which he will undoubtedly be receiving.

Main difference: Foster and Chavis had no reason to even want to be here, and were just listening to an intriguing offer from Coach Richt. Kirby obviously showed some interest, or Richt never would have felt compelled to lay his cards on the table. You just don't scorn the alma mater that way.

Bernie said...

I like the way you type. A couple names:

Wilcox - Boise St.
DeRuyter - Air Force

Whoever CMR decides on is my man too.

nc dawg said...

As an alum, I don't condone the public slander of him but I do understand it. Nor will I compare programs or slander bama. This is about Kirby and uga. Here's why: CMR was all but forced to interview him whether he wanted to or not. When bama won the SECCG, it could have been addressed then by Kirby stating he would not leave for a lucrative offer from CMR b/c he was too enamoured w/ Saban. Thankfully, CMR proceeded to talk to other, more experienced DC's. Logic says CMR waited until after the NC game to contact Kirby again. In meantime CMR and Damon put together a package that no other asst would ever be offered. Then how do we get the news? SABAN announced the news !! KIRBY WASN'T EVEN MAN ENOUGH TO BREAK THE NEWS TO US ! What is that about? Does he ask Saban when to go to bathroom? If you're gonna keep someone waiting this long and then turn them down, AT LEAST MAN UP AND DO IT YOURSELF! This does not include the fact that precious time has been lost and public face has suffered. Many dawgs will never let KS live that down, nor should they.

MJ said...

I do hope we remember this the next time he comes to Athens and we put a BEATDOWN on Smart and the Tide.