Saturday, January 2, 2010


I'm one of the most pro-bowl college football fans you will meet, but the scheduling this year has just become absolutely ridiculous.

It's January 2nd, and there are 4 bowls today that belong in December and one (the Cotton Bowl), that belongs on New Year's Day.

If they're going to continue to use some of these bowls as filler, I can accept it.

However, it is ridiculous that there isn't even a BCS bowl for me to watch tonight. Yet, I'm stuck with the 2nd pizza bowl this bowl season, and the Canada Bowl.

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Anonymous said...

The bowl committees like scheduling the Sunday game so the hotels and restaraunts can get an entire weekend out of the fans. The new year should be only for the elite teams. The Papa Johns bowl in Birmingham was actually a better draw than Shreveport when you consider the scheduling of the game.