Friday, August 7, 2009

A Day in Athens 4 Weeks Before The Season Begins

As any of you who have been following our countdown know, we are just 29 days away from the start of the 2009 season. Georgia opens the season on the road in Stillwater, so our first game at Sanford is 5 weeks away. I was off work yesterday and decided to take a trip up to Athens. With the students not yet back from summer, campus was mostly dead and the stadium was rather empty. Below are some pictures I took walking around yesterday:
This is the new addition to the Tate Student Center
The view of the stadium standing at the new Tate. The old Tate can be seen as well (the red roof)

The Vince Dooley plaque that was placed inside the stadium last year.

A view of the stadium standing on the bridge

This pressure washer was the only person I actually saw inside the stadium

Another view of the field from the bridge. It was very strange seeing the grass without any lines on it and all of the Red seatbacks out of the stadium.
I also took some time to check out the vast amount of construction taking place on campus. Did you know there is now a parking deck at the intramural fields? The new band practice field also looks really nice. My last stop was to check out the new fraternity houses being built on River Road next to Kappa Sig. From the outside, I was very impressed. Here are the pictures below, though I have no clue which house belongs to which fraternity.

Over the next few weeks, we will begin our preseason analysis of the upcoming season beginning with the Bubba N' Earl preseason top 25.


J. Chad said...

The 3rd pictures is the Pike know that.

MT said...

The most impressive thing to me is the Tate II addition, along with the elimination of the access road in front of the SLC. Completely different area, looks very impressive to everyone walking down Baxter St to the Stadium