Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Seeing Gordon Beckham In Chicago

The other week I went on vacation to Chicago to see some Cubs games, and I also got the opportunity to go down to the southside and see Gordon Beckham and the White Sox.

White Sox fans LOVE Gordo. His t-shirts are everywhere, people were even wearing jerseys, and every girl from 14-40 was swooning over him. If I recall correctly, one girl was yelling at Gordo to get an autograph. We he motioned to her that we would come over after his workout, she literally screamed like a banshee and said, "I think I might just die when he comes over here!!!!."

As you can see, ol' Gordo is having a terrible time in Chicago. I mean, it must be awful to be hitting .300 and have every female in the town in love with you. I truly feel sorry for the dude.

Anyways, below are some pics of Beckham at the game (it was July 9 vs. the Indians, and the White Sox lost 10-8, with Gordo going 0-4).

The screenshots of him on the videoboard are my favorite:

I also saw Jeff Samardzija warming up for the Cubs on Wednesday (when they were playing the Braves).

He didn't get into the game, but that's probably because he still sucks and has trashy chin hair.


MT said...

Nice post... Beckham is getting big, quick. didn't BFR go up to Chicago recently too?

BFR said...

I did go to Chicago recently. Had a great time! I ran into two Dawgs while I was there and made sure to represent UGA well. Didn't make it to a Sox game, but I did visit Wrigley.